Thursday, April 10, 2014


See this Window???

Once again you are going DUH!!!  We know what a window looks like.

Well...notice that it is open?

You can see the handle bars to my gazelle.  This is my view from my computer...slightly over is my sewing machine.


Well...I will  tell you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Notice that the window is open....once again..duhhhhh

I have asked my husband to keep it closed.

Because what if I want to scratch myself or pick something (I am laughing at this one)....and someone comes by and see me doing so or stuffing my face?

I already feel like I am in a fish bowl with the whole side of the room with windows.

The other day I was on my computer and I turned around and a man is looking in my window.  Talk about CREEEEPY.....he said he rang the bell....gosh I didn't hear it.

One day I was exercising and someone peeps in.


....I am not on show here!!!!  There are just some things a girl has to do in private!!!!

My husband likes to have the window open so he can keep a look out on his cute dog...making sure he is still cute.

I must admit....he is awfully cut but a pain in the back side.....

So the will of the window will continue.  I shut it, he opens it....I shut it again and pops open ....hummmm

That being said....I have plans for this fabric from Island Batik, if I can just get to it.

   The night before last I put a table topper together and yesterday I did a wall hanging...see, they are waiting for me to come and finish them.  They are closed over so if you come by and look in my window you can not see what they are.

Then that piece of fabric they are laying on...that is the backing for that religious quilt I am doing...going to put that together today and get it ready to quilt.

Too much going on over here, you are always welcome to come and see but please...don't look through my window.


andsewon said...

You have quite the busy place! For some reason I thought you were out in the country. Sweet pup!

Terry said...

That's funny about the window! LOL I love those blues and purples! In fact, I'm liking them so much I'm thinking I need to make a blue and purple quilt...someday! :0)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'd forgotten what it is like to live with neighbors in close proximity. I love my windows open in the day and closed at night. I used to be a city girl but have been won over long ago to living in a rural area. Yep, cute dog.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Oh geez....a girl has to have some privacy and that dog will be cute no matter what...tell him I said so...giggles.
Love those Island Batiks....they are beautiful and make me think of spring.....spring.....ahhh yes...spring!

hetty said...

I work in a whole room full of windows. Even the roof is glass. But it is in my backyard and no one ever looks in, so I am safe. Except for this morning. There was a huge raccoon in my yard. He looked old and was missing a tail. He wasn't really interested in me, but he did seem sort of curious about my cat, Felix. And Felix was curious right back at him.

suemac said...

Hope no one else peeps. Creepy.

West Michigan Quilter said...

LOL You are too funny! Thanks for the chuckle. On another note, did you get those batiks from your sister's shop? Love them.

kc said...

I'd have to side with hubs on this one, girlfriend, he IS cute! I can understand you wanting to have a little privacy now & then..but I, too, prefer open window blinds...especially when they look out to green. But, I also would have FREAKED OUT to find someone looking back in at me...If it's a metal door, they make magnetic cafe rods that you could hang sheers from, that's what we did on our back door, that has a full length wide open window in it. If you're outside, and it's dark inside, you can't see in at all. I have them gathered at 2 or 2 and a half times the width of the window (If I could remember that far ago, I'd be a little more're lucky you got an estimate.)

The batiks are lovely - some of my very favorite shades, can't wait to see what you do with 'em.

Joanne Lendaro said...

you crack me up!!!!!!! thanks for the chuckle!

Barbara said...

Lol! Definitely a window war going on there. Loved those fabrics on colors?

Jackie said...

I thought you lived out in the boonies - how are there people peeping in your windows?! The dog is a cutie - very unusual looking.

KatieQ said...

I guess this will keep you on your best behavior.Does this mean that you'll have to give up on your dream of becoming the nude quilter?

Gene Black said...

I have one of those Gazelles. Perhaps I will start to use it again one day. For now it is just a sculpture in the corner.

brekka shepard said...

Lol you sound like my mama! Close those blinds so no weirdos can look in :-) good luck with the window, although I think the battle will go on
Thank you for the lovely platter, I have already used it several times to take treats to church activities. It was so sweet of you to think of me. I've enjoyed reading about your new place and all the treasures you've found, plus a new sewing room. I envy you! Tell Vance that yes his dog is quite adorable!

Needled Mom said...

Ha! I hate being surprised when I am busy concentrating.

QuiltSue said...

I'd have absolutely freaked out if I found some creepy stranger peering in at me. (I'm not too keen on people I know surprising me like that either.) The dog is really cute.

Quilting at the cottage said...

I have the issue of heat/air. he likes it cold, I like it warm. I turn the heat on, he turns it off. t is ying and yang. I must say, you must be near the front of the house though as for me, I am so wide open at the lake that I only see water and trees and the occasional boat!

Missy Shay said...

Maybe you can make a curtain to put up there. That way all he has to do is move the curtain aside to look at his dog but it can't be left open. If your door is metal, I bought a magnetic curtain rod at Wal-Mart.

Lin Marsh said...

It's so easy to surprise me when I'm busy with something. I wouldn't have heard the door bell either. My dog is sure to announce when someone comes near. Surprised your (very cute) dog didn't tell you.
But I have a sudden urge to go peek in. When someone tells me NOT to do something, I rebel.

Wacky Woman said...

Oh yeah, that window needs to be closed with the blinds down. Seriously creepy.

onlymehere said...

Is the window on the front of your house? I hate the idea of people looking in at me too. My office is in the basement (garden window) and it's so unnerving when I feel someone looking at me through it. Usually it's just the grandkids but the cable guys, power guys, and Mountain Fuel guys walk by it if they need to fix something since our backyard has a junction box in it for them to access. My husband always gets his clothes stuck in the laundry hamper because he balls them up to throw them down instead of letting them slide down unballed. I sigh as I unclog it from the bottom and least he throws his clothes down the laundry chute!

Thearica said...

We live off the road and have no neighbors close enough to just walk up to our windows... We didn't have curtains on our master suite bathroom window for 4-5 years when we built our house because I couldn't find what I really wanted to hang. It is a 6 foot picture window.

When company came over they would ask me if I wasn't paranoid about being in there naked. I told them no and said "If someone is brazen enough to be back here on our property snooping around unannounced, they deserve to see what they get to see". haha!