Friday, December 27, 2013


Here is an old feed sack.
Old quilt top, you can get the “Star of the Garden” Pattern here:
This is for someone who likes to embroider, it is stamped but not embroidered.

We are finally cleaning out the out building.  You will not believe this but they have games that have
never been opened.  Planet of the Ape puzzle still in the wrapper.  It is fun but is a lot of work as well.


  1. Are these all things that were left in the attic when you bought the house? What a fun hunt it must be!

  2. They really left alot of things in the attic! The basket embroidery is darling.

  3. My husband would like that Planet of the Apes puzzle, LOL.

  4. Oh my goodness, more wonderful treasures Barb! The stitchery will be gorgeous when you finish it...such treasures left by previous owners for you to find and give them renewed life...lucky girl you are for sure.

  5. Amazing finds. That whole cloth that has been stamped, while designed for hand embroidery I've also seen people use free-motion thread play to color the lines and it really looks nice too, just different than hand embroidery.


  6. How exciting. I remember we left behind in one of our houses some old home movies. I'm still sad about that.

  7. Are all these treasures you've been sharing, from your attic? Are they all your things or are some inherited? Regardless, it looks like fun! I'd like to be there helping to pull the things out of the boxes!!

  8. I'm curious, like LJ, are these things you put away long ago, or were they left behind by the previous owners? Wow, either way you are having way too much fun. I need to come out there and ride herd on the or two things might find their way home with me. Haha!

  9. You've been finding some great things. It must help the hard work side of it go better?

  10. Really enjoying seeing your unearthed attic treasures. It makes the hard work much more fun when you find interesting things as you go along.

    Take care,
    Susan in Texas

  11. Oh my word Barb! The very last thing I need is other peoples treasures...I have so many of my own. I don't think I would look any further....just leave it for the next owners...ROFL. Just kidding of course :)


  12. Kelly's comment made me laugh!! Yep, not sure l'd appreciate finding all of those cool treasurers since I'm such a harder and would never turn loose of them!


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