Friday, June 21, 2013


I haven't been up to too much this week, mostly goofing.

I did get this laundry bag done for a little friend that just graduated high school and going off to college. I have enclosed a roll of quarters with it.

I have made two of my sons a laundry bag (not quite as nice, theirs have no pockets or lettering) and they still use them.

  One has had his for over eight years and he still brings it home with laundry in it.

Then I made one for another gal and she just loves it and says all of her friends want I figured this would be a nice graduation present.

Getting ready to play.

I have not played on my mid arm in a real real long time.....and it is so fun.

Occasionally it goes off its son David told me a while back to keep the table clean and not let anything get under it and I would not have this problem.

So.....I cleared everything off and once its rollers.

  My husband comes to the rescue and said.... You know Barb...if you keep your table clean things will not get under the rollers...

What...this is the first I heard this....HA!!!!

Truly, I did think I had it all cleared off...


  1. Very cute bag! I know it will be well used.

  2. I smiled real wide when I read that your son still uses his laundry bag to bring home his wash. It is a great gift!

  3. Looks like you are having buckets of fun. That laundry bag is really practical.

  4. Love your bag. Cute fabric. It looks like you just float your top layer on the frame? I've never done that. Must be working okay for you.

  5. Laundry bag is such a great idea! And so pretty too. How big is it?
    Good luck with your quilting!!

  6. That is a really cute laundry bag...great idea!

  7. What a cute graduation gift. I am going to remember this one.

    Thanks for sharing and oh by the way remember to keep that table cleaned off... LOL

  8. The laundry bag is a great idea, Love the quarters, too. My son brings his laundry in a plastic bag!

  9. LOL... Hey Barb, did you consider keeping the table cleaned off so nothing gets under the rollers?

  10. Haha! Great post, Barb....and I love that bag with pocket and lettering; I bet they will love them too, and the roll of quarters is perfect to go with the gift! So thoughtful!

  11. my husband always says it's my fault no matter what happens , i told him he only married me so he would always have some one to blame

  12. I have lost scissors in mine before so dont feel bad. And the remote to the air conditioner once. Oh well....I love the laundry bags...Practical but pretty too and a great gift.


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