Thursday, December 20, 2012


Okay....I should not quit my day job!!!
You give me a piece of fabric and I can manipulate the death out of it but anything else.....I just go plop plop....fizz fizz     My Go cutter made easy work of these....
The PTA of Sandy Hook has asked for snowflakes, so when the children return at the beginning of the years their school will be decorated with snowflakes. Go to Sew Cal to get the address and further info. I plan to go to Micheal's tomorrow to get some pretty more glitter for me.

Going to send these anyways...maybe they will get mixed up with your prettier ones and no one will notice.  If time permits, I plan to make some fabric ones and blanket stitch around them.  We will see...4th son is coming tomorrow (I thought Friday....was I ever wrong)...and my older friend is in the like I said, time permitting.


  1. Pretty to me! Did not think about using my go! I made pillow cases for Quilter's Corner in Milford , CT yesterday. Hope it all helps the kids if even in a small way.
    Have fun with your boys. Sorry to hear about your friend. Hope she gets better soon.

  2. Oh no, Barb -- I think when these are hanging from the ceiling, they will bring smiles! I like that your Go! cutter did these -- that's fabulous!!! :)

  3. Your snowflakes look great! The kids will love them! I don't even keep glitter in my house! It makes too much of a mess! LOL

  4. I think they look nice. I am opting for the pillowcase route. A quilt shop in Milford, CT is collecting pillowcases for all the kids and teachers. I am not craft either.

  5. That's a great idea and won't the school look pretty covered with snowflakes?

  6. Your snowflakes are beautiful. And, I'm sure they will help to bring smiles to the children, staff and parents when the kids return back to Sandy Hook Elementary School in January. Thanks for helping!


  7. I don't think those are bad! You know how we say no one can tell your stitching when they are riding by on a horse? No one will think less of your snowflakes when they are hung from the ceiling and there are hundreds more hanging with them. Actually, like I said, I think these are fine. I'd use them for package decorations without thinking twice!


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