Wednesday, October 3, 2012




Remember this?



well….here are my sister, Jeanette’s

DSC02121  featherfancy


I so love the tree in Green.


I also have the wreath ironed down but not finished….


If you too love these and want to do one but not wanting to do all of the cutting out….go to Inchworm Fabrics, she is offering the patterns

and she will cut out the fabric of your choice with steam a seam already on it for you.  This certainly takes all of the work out of it.


I had a friend come over a few weeks ago and she used my dies and cut out her a tree.  She now wants to do a tree in green.  I also want to do some for

presents (that is the operative word….want to) whether I do that or not is another story.


Yes, I was suppose to have been gone today….didn’t happen.  Tomorrow!!!  I am READY!


  1. Thanks for the plug, you are so good to me. I hope you have a great time at your retreat.

  2. I'm happy to learn Inchworm has these beautiful designs available as well as be willing to provide kits. I've been getting quite a few inquiries about where people can order kits. I'll definitely refer them to InchWorm.

    And, I love what you and your sister created with these beautiful designs.


  3. Enjoy your retreat Barb. Sounds very exciting and I am sure you will share the details with us. I picked up this pattern at the Jacksonville quilt show last weekend and I thought about making it in green too!

  4. I like the tree in green too! It would be pretty with some little beads sewn on as ornament! :0)

  5. Both your tree, and your sister's, are really lovely. Cute pattern.

  6. I just used steam a seam which is so much better than the other fusibles...looks like a fun project!

  7. I love the tree in green and the wreath is on my wish list.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Do you blanket stitch them down? By hand? or machine? Inquiring minds, you know! LOL

  9. Hi Barb - what a deal if I need to make some Christmas presents with machine edge sewing. I received my templates and will be proceeding with needle-turn applique. Thanks for your help. Judy C

  10. Oh! I love the wreath!!! I'm headed over there to check it out. Have fun!!! :)

  11. Beautiful trees...both the red and green. Love the fabric you chose for the green....such depth!

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