Thursday, August 30, 2012


IMG_1095  IMG_1096
I once again am doing the opposite of what I should be doing but….I saw this cute picture and
I just couldn’t help myself but make up a pattern of apples.

I was so concerned about the placement of the apple on the dish towel that I messed up the placement
of the leaves…..but hey….we are just going to dry dishes……

I could not get into google doc… I am going to try to put the pictures of the pattern on my blog
just be sure to size your pattern to the one inch square or just email me and I will be happy to send it right over.  Or when you print, just make sure you hit full page.

So….here goes

scan10001 (1)

scan20001 (1)
You might just have to email me, so sorry…… it doesn't work, I tried it.  So just email me.

I dont know what I am going to do about the last Reindeer on Friday, any suggestions?


  1. I'm always amazed how you can come up with such fun designs. This is beautiful. Truly mouthwatering refreshing. Love it.


  2. I am on my laptop and not connected to my printer but when I clicked on the pic it looks like it will work. I will print out when I get to the office. It is darling! I also do not need another project but wouldn't this make up into a sweet gift for someone's kitchen? Thanks!!

  3. Love your apple. I think I will use your picture to make a journal quilt. Hope that is okay.

  4. pretty cool! how did you DO that? I mean attach the picture in blogger?

  5. It is really pretty Barb , I would love to have this pattern , thanks .

  6. Thank you, thank you.....this applique pattern is just perfect to add to my pumpkin banner for fall. It prints off for me at 3/4", but I can resize and try again. Thanks, again.

  7. Good morning, Barb! :) I love your apple applique (that has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?) -- would make a great fall gift or something when used with a placemat or wallhanging.


  8. I see you are still hard at it! Just stopping by to say 'hi'. Have a fun day...I know you will.

  9. Thank you, Barb. I love this pattern.

  10. Now aren't you clever. I love that design.

  11. I have a question for you, but not about your apples. They are nice, but not today :)
    What size is the umbrella mat(for lack of a better description) on your header? I like it so much, and was wondering,(and hoping,) if I could use your idea. Thanks Patty

  12. Thanks for sharing the apple applique. I have to be honest, I can't see anything wrong with the way you made the dish towel. I think it looks lovely. My dishes would be jealous if they could see it.

  13. That is so cute. My kitchen has green in it so I can see your design with green apples and leaves (Or maybe red apple and green leaves) on a kitchen towel. Thanks for sharing.

  14. That is really a beautiful pix for applique Barb! I'd love to have some dishtowels with your apples on them. Thanks for sharing :)


  15. What a pretty apple design. It would make some really great looking dish towels for Christmas gifts. I would love to have the pattern. I tried a number of ways to get it to print correctly and just could not get it right either.

    Could you please email that to me? I know you said to email to request the file, but I have looked all over your blog and can't seem to locate an email address anywhere. Hopefully I'm not just missing it but my email is vburr at charter dot net. Thank you so much.

  16. I love your apples - you are so creative and come up with such wonderful designs. Wish I could think/create like you.

  17. Getting the patterns from your .jpg worked perfectly for me. I just clicked, got a large version and dragged it off onto my desktop!


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