Thursday, May 24, 2012


This is just a small reminder about the "Reindeer Games" stay tuned.

Today, I am offering a yard of this fabulous fabric donated by Inchworm Fabrics.
Here is how it will work.

You put your picture of your reindeer square on flickr, you will get one yard.

You put our button on your blog, you will get one yard. There will be one winner, therefore, if you have done both and win, you will get both yards, if you only do one, will get only one yard.

I am not sure how many yards I have so maybe I will offer another yard just for a comment....(can't comment on this one yet...let me get home and see) so for right now.

One yard for showing a picture and one yard for the button. If you already have our button on display....just let me know in your comment.

I know, I know that it is Christmas fabric and it is May...but you know as well as I do that Christmas will be here and we will be scrounging around for fabric for intended project. This way, you will be ready....this giveaway will close in two weeks, I will announce the winner when I show the next third reindeer...

So are you ready for another REINDEER?????

I just want to say that JoAnn's is only five minutes from the house we will be renting......whohoooo
...knuckle clap here!!!


  1. I already have the reindeer games button on my blog. I am not quite finished with my reindeer so I will upload it the evening.

    Oh you lucky woman! 5 minutes from Joann's. You will become friends with them quickly. ;)

  2. Already have the button on my blog- will get Dasher done this weekend!

  3. You and Inchworm Fabrics have gone absotively must be the fact that you will be five minutes from Joann's. The possibilities have overwhelmed you. :) I've been following along watching all of the reindeer, even tho I'm not joining in on this one. Adorable!

  4. I already have your button on my blog--love the fabric and thanks for the chance to win a yard. Hope to get the pic of Dasher up soon (okay, so I'm doing both, but if I've only done the redwork one so far, will it count?)

  5. Hi Barb, I already have the button on my blog. I am cutting out my background today to start on Dasher, it probably won't be finished before the end of the weekend, so is it okay to post onto flickr next week? Otherwise I will just do a 'in progress' pic, chuckle.
    Oh, and I am doing the reindeer in bluework, how is that for coincidence, so I really hope to win your yard/s of fabric, it will be so perfect.

  6. Christmas in MAY?? Well, it works for me! Enjoying the reindeer...

  7. I've got your button on my blog! Oh gosh.....5 minutes to'll always get every thing on sale!

  8. got Dasher up but flicker insists on using my yahoo alias, Sallyqiad. Mine is the whitework on green. Haven't finished the applique one, realized (after I cut out all the pieces, grrr) that the 1" on the pattern was only 3/4" so, back to the drawing board--not sure how that happened!

  9. okay--got the applique version posted at flicker too! These are just sew cute and everyone has done such a great job--so where are all the rest of the pics????? come on everyone!


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