Friday, November 4, 2011

Last day of the Ghastlie Blog hop and some finishes!!

I confused my own self...(which is not hard to do)..... is this the one I finished the other day or yesterday? Hummmmm Least way, both table runners are done.

Rest of the aprons... I clipped the together by colors and to keep the ties out of the way.
My little gal canceled on I thought I would have the rest of the afternoon to sew.....

I did but I chose not to. Me and my kindle had a nice time.

Enjoy your week-end~~~

Last day of the Ghastlie Blog Hop, thanks to Madame Samm for putting this together and to all the wonderful creativity out there. Be sure to look on my sidebar for the Ghastlie Bloggers today.


  1. I just got a nook. I love it. Hopefully Santa will get me Barnes and Noble gift cards for Christmas.

  2. It sounds like it was a nice day anyway!

  3. Love the table runner and the aprons are so cute. What are you reading?

  4. Whichever table runner it's adorable! And so are those aprons...such bright and fun colors. They girls are going to enjoy wearing those!

    Hope you have a great weekend, too!



  5. Love those pretty colored aprons...glad you got to relax and read!

  6. The table runner is very cute and the aprons too.

    Have an amzing weekend too!!

  7. Truly beautiful aprons. Those Young Woman are going to look so cute in them too.

    Great job Barb!


  8. Love those aprons...too cute!

  9. You are always an inspiration Barb!

  10. The brightly colored aprons look wonderful. I was looking at your table runner and managed to confuse myself (no big surprise lol). I thought the center applique was a chicken with a bonnet on her head and her tail? Then I realized it was a pumpkin and two acorns upside down hehehe. I think I woke up a bit too early today.

  11. great finishes - love the aprons all lined up

  12. Those aprons are stunning!! LOVE the colors!! Isn't it funny how aprons when out of vogue, and now they are back? I remember my great grandmother always wore one, mom and grandmom did I do, especially when I'm cooking. I've found I don't have to change clothes before dinner or come to the table with food already on my clothes! LOL!!!


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