Sunday, October 23, 2011


Yesterday when I got up my husband goes...."Let's go to JoAnn's"

Say what???? JoAnn's!!!

I was ready in ten minutes.

He even went in with me instead of sitting in the car. It is so funny to see these men sitting in the car waiting for their wives or tagging behind them in JoAnn's. What awesome husbands or significants.

He couldn't find me at one point and headed right to the clearance....he found me. He said he knew that is where I would be....HA!!!!

Well...I don't know if you can see the cobblestone (quilted with Guetermann thread) on this wall hanging but I finally decided on quilting that in the white area. Sometimes you just have to let it sit and eventually it will come to you. I will admit, deciding on how to quilt something is my weak point. I need to study up.

This wall hanging uses 4 Accuquilt dies, tumbler, flower, heart, and Sunbonnet Sue, the directions are in the post below, incase you missed it.

I would like to say that I know a lot of you do not have a the Accuquilt Go cutter but if you are interested, I can cut you the shapes out on card stock and send it to you for either one of the projects.

Then I blanket stitched this. This is from the Fall Medley die.

Started a fun new design with one of the accuquilt dies.

Put the bindings together for eight heard me...eight. Tomorrow I will iron them and attack that.


Will start tomorrow. If you look on my side bar you will see the dates and who is sponsoring that hop for the day. You will not want to miss this. There will be a winner every day, one winner from the six blogs. These are not prizes to boo at either. Some blogs will be giving away as well. will be asked to pay for shipping if you win...well worth it. If you want to read more....go here!

So won't you join us?

My day is this Wednesday.


  1. Yesterday when I stopped in at my favorite quilt shop there were at least 5 men either shopping with their wives or sitting on the chairs out front. Good husbands all!!

  2. Beautiful projects! My husband shutters at the mention of Joann's. lol He knows me and my partner in crime will be gone for hours and will come home with big bags. Have a great day!

  3. ROFL! I don't think Jeff has EVER said to me, "Let's go to JoAnn's"! But he doesn't mind if I go on my own. :o) Did you end up getting anything while you were there?

    I love your little clever of you to put those dies together to come up with that design. You rock, girl!

    I'll defiitely come over and check out the Ghastlies blog hop...I had not heard of it before and am going to go read what it's all about. Thanks for the heads up!



  4. It looks all the tiny quilting on the white!

    What a guy...that hubby of yours!

  5. I love that little wall hanging. Eight to bind,hey. Eight. I'm doing more and more by machine these days.

  6. Your hubby said that??!! lolol! DOn't think that'll ever happen here. Must've been fun. :D

    Love your flower hanging, Barb.

  7. love the little flower pot quilt. i could just see the quilting on the white when I enlarged the photo. good choice.

  8. Great looking projects! For some reason my husband knows more about sewing than i do and he has a real eye for fabric He is also willing to stand in line while i get one more thing..or go and find it for me...what a

  9. Love the flowerpot how you did clever...and the colours are just fabulous....
    Have never been into a joanns but from what I hear would so love to...nothing like that in south Africa...
    Have you been into a hobby lobby...that's another store we wish we had here... hang on to your husband...he is special...warm hug from south africa...

  10. what a guy!!
    I had to look again the flower wall hanging and then it hit WHAT part of sunbonnet sue! very clever :-)
    I have this fabric in browns, did a batik quilt for my husband.

  11. What a cute little quilt. My husband does the same thing. He said to me this morning ,"you haven't been out all week where can I take you" I thought it was funny when he started to sit in car and read but found that it was better then hovering over me all the time. Because he does all the grocery and household shopping for me since he has retired because I have FM and Chronic Fatigue, I don't get out as much.
    I am really looking forward to the Ghastlies Blog Hop. Blessings Sandra

  12. p.s barb...can you please tell your you put the list on the side bar..I am heading to bed...pooped here x

  13. Love your new use for the dies! Now I'm going off on tangents over here! Heehee! This gobaby is fun!

  14. I would pass out if David said that. Then I would take him straight to the doctor for a head check up! haaaaaaaaaaa!
    Love your finishes and can't wait to see your ghastlies!

  15. Que trabajos tan maravillosos!!!!!!

  16. Do you use raw edge or are your edge turned under? I love the brightness in your wall hanging! And of course I love the towel! :)

  17. What a clever way to be using a Acucutter - good for you Barb!

  18. that is awesome! love your wall hanging

  19. love your wallhanging! so cute! The blog hop sounds fun...will try to join in at some point!


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