Thursday, August 4, 2011


So I woke up to this this morning on my facebook.... This is Robin from RSISLANDCRAFTS
I quote her....

"This is a wall hanging from Calendar Quilts. This is August. Hey Barbara, look I finished the top. Don't know when I will get to layering and quilting but this much is done at least. **The colors are off in this picture. We have storms coming in and it is very cloudy**"

She read my post about the calender quilts and said she had planned on doing it. So I wrote her back and said why not now. She said she had to go shopping, I said why, just use what you have. That is exactly what she did. I think this was two days ago.
Wonderful Job Robin...

Then I wake up and see that on facebook.




So.....I go to my scraps....yes...I do have to dump them on the floor....grab the few that are in plastic zip bags.( Gotta talk to my camera about those benders it does.... )

Dump out more fat quartes and scraps.... ONLY WAY TO BE CREATIVE....(I know some of you are saying...REALLY!!)

And this is what I came up with. Not what I had planned to do today but this was a fun way to get things done...being motivated by a friend. I wanted my squares in the middle of the squares to be wonky...

Now I have to go and pick up the trash on the floor.....

Clean off the ironing board

Clean the table....Hey, do you see what I see, there is a space there not did I manage that?

Clean off the kitchen counter

And pick up my scrap bin...... It was fun while it lasted.....

I think he is ignoring me....


Can you come and clean my mess....Momma wants to continue playing!!!

Now, if my memory serves me right, Robin from Robins Quilts, etc.... and Caroll from Attic Window Quilt Shop has this same calendar patterns.... Infact, Caroll said I may have seen it on her blog....and she is probably I have her to blame for another project.

You gals up for the challenge?????? Anyone else??????


  1. Both your and Robin's blocks are adorable! And those who don't make messes when they are creating don't have as much fun :)

  2. I LOVE those bees!!! Too Cute!

  3. Barb, you changed your blog! I LOVE the new look! Very clean looking.

    I love a challenge too! I'm so happy that you gave me the nudge I needed. I hope I didn't put too much pressure on you though lol. I guess you have a competitive streak that I didn't notice before.

    You sure are a messy quilter lol. I think you are the only one who admits to it though. Most quilters do not show their sewing area because they don't want anyone to see how messy they really are.

    I think if you want David to clean you will need to bribe him. Is he the biscuit Son or is he more of a brownie kind of guy?

  4. How sweet is that block!! I think I have those patterns in my bin - I should get going on them, huh? Thanks for the inspiration :o)

  5. What cute bees!! Love scrap bins. They are a wealth of inspiration.

  6. Hey Barb, this sounds really interesting. I did not know you were doing calendar quilts. Can you email me the title of the book and author?

  7. I really like yours and Robin's blocks. You both did a fantastic job. Nola

  8. The blocks are so lovely..... and well done both of you for making such pretty ones with your scraps on hand...

  9. Sounds like you have called them out for the challenge. Isn't it funny how those things can call your name when you had no such plans?

  10. Too cute! I want a cleaning fairy.

  11. Of course you have to dump all those scraps out - the perfect one is at the bottom!

    You and Robin used completely different fabric but both are just so adorable. I'm glad you accepted her challenge!

  12. Hey Barb excellent job, also love the look of your new blog. Blessings Sandra

  13. Your little beehive quilt is so cute!! Isn't that why we have a stash? So we always have what we need on hand when the creative bug hits us? (or at least most of what we need.)

  14. You are just totally crazy woman! I loved this post and I love what you made! You just crack me up!
    xx, shell

  15. Great little quilts! I would join you, but don't have that, ... yet! ;-))

  16. Enjoyed and love this little quilt!

  17. You TOTALLY met this challenge, in a gloriously fun and playful way. Love it.

    Quilting does make a big mess sometimes (well, ALL the time)which is why I am torn between having my sewing room in the converted family room next to the kitchen vs upstairs where I can close a door on it, LOL!

  18. They are great quilts, and I thought the mess making was a compulsory part of quilting!

    I love your new look too.

  19. Love,love,the little quilt.Adorable.

  20. Woo Hoo!! A great finish to the challenge, how fun to have someone to quilt "with". I LOVE your new blog look. It's great not having to scroll over to read (I'm very lazy) LOL.


  21. I always have a mess! Most days I just walk off and leave it! Thanks goodness it's in the basement.:-) I would join the challenge but I don't have the pattern either. And, I love your blog.

  22. OMG, the two are great.... I wish I had time to get into that one..... maybe I can carve out a way.

  23. So cute. I've had the patterns for awhile now, but have yet to do one. Maybe next week, I can squeeze in some time. Thanks for sharing.

  24. I love your block. Love the blue background. I don't know if I'm up to the challenge as I have a lot going on right now, but I'll sure try!

  25. So cute! Love that it is all scraps. So talented!

  26. I love those calendar blocks. I love a challenge! But right now I don't have a working machine. It's in the shop. I won't get it back until next week - maybe. Also, I don't have the patterns. Are they hard to get?

  27. Great challenge idea. I also love how you inspired Robin to pull from her stash. Love this pattern. If I had this design in my quilt library I'd definitely pull from my stash and join your challenge. But, for now, I look forward to seeing what everyone creates. I'm sure they will all be honey-sweet projects.



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