Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Tour Ireland"

I was over at Canton Village Quilt Works one day and they were having a book tour and well....I was the lucky winner of this book by Pat Sloan. Pat is so amazing because she emailed me herself, along with Jackie to tell me that I won her would think she was too busy for small stuff like that. . . .

Then there is Jackie of Canton Village Quilt works....she has her own quilts being would be awesome if you went over and wished her success. . . .

This runner is "The luck of the Irish"

I liked this quilt not only for the design but for the name "Sheep's feet"....

Thanks so much Pat and Jackie for this wonderful book! You can find both ladies at the highlighted areas above, just click and you are there.


  1. I have that book, I love that book. :D When we finally land in our house, I'm doing a quilt in there and putting it in our foyer.

  2. You are one lucky gal! Pat always finds time for quilters.

  3. Great Prize. I did enter as well. I visited Pat's site to browse through her book. some great projects in there. Have fun.

  4. Congratulations on the win! I love hanging out at Jackie's blog. She is very talented.

  5. Loved your comment over at Sew Many Ways...I too hate all those ugly cords below my desk. I hae seen a shoe box shape with cutouts and everthing runs into the box but haven't bothered to make one. I know she will come up with something real cute.

  6. How wonderful a WIN! Lucky you ... love the runner.

    Happy pink April ~
    TTFN ~

    GIVEAWAY ends 4/5

  7. How exciting for your win. Have fun with your new book!

  8. Congratulations on winning the lovely book! It was fun seeing Pat's pictures of the trip, and the baby lambs that everyone on the bus was staring at! The table runner is cute...have fun with the new projects.
    Jacque in SC

  9. Congratulations Barb. I'm truly very happy you won. I'm eager to hear your insights on this book too.


  10. What a great win. Congratulations.

  11. Congrats on the win Barb :0)



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