Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sometimes in life, it is not all about ME!!! WHAT!!!!

I celebrated Kelly's Birthday over at I Have a Notion by ordering this cute wall hanging....

You all know how much I just love Kelly and her she is not paying me to say this....truly....I mean really....

Then Susan from Quixotic Craftersent me this adorable pin cushion from one of her giveaways.... isn't it cute? Thanks Susan!!

Now....I know, I always think things are about me but for once...and I mean once I am going to think about someone or something else.

My poor Go cutter has been cutting this fabric for a few days now. I felt so badly for it, it was huffing and puffing and kept telling me it was tired and I finally cleaned up my mess and gave it a rest.

One stack is 14 inches high and the other is 6 inches high...doesn't look like much in the picture.

I really wanted to have that box of scraps all Go cutted up but....

well...I am giving it a much deserved rest.

Trust me when I tell you that the box is still full...

yes.....I made a mistake and turned the lights out the other guessed it....more scraps in the morning....

what is up with that?

There should be a law against scrap breeding...


  1. I keep saying I'm going to slean up my scraps but I just get another box and start again.

  2. Your scrap cut pieces are piled higher than mine. (I think, I haven't measured mine)

    Keep cutting those scraps and turning out the lights! hehehee

  3. HA! The scraps always seem to win in the end.

  4. You have been busy. I just love fabric too.

  5. Its funny that....I think my scraps are breeding too. Love your strawberry you won Barb :) Lucky you :)

  6. Very cute pincushion! Have you seen that fabric line strawberry fields? I am so loving it! Puts me in the mood for SUMMER! Nice scraps. Tried organizing mine by color the other day but the kids were complaining about the mess. The kids were! You ought to put David to work with the GO :)

  7. That stack of of cut scraps made me drool.

  8. Outlaw Scraps ! ! ! ! !

    that's my motto and I'm stickin' to it


  9. My scraps are taking over too! I have a Go! But can't decide on which die to use to cut up the scraps! How do you choose?

  10. Scraps breed just like bunnies. Naughty but oh so fun! :)
    xx, shell

  11. Cute post. Love how those scraps breed.


  12. 14 inches!! WOW. I think scraps are like rabbits, and you know what they say about rabbits! Looks like your growing piles are proof! Good luck getting though them all!

  13. what fun is that! I am thinking I need a go cutter too! I would love to cut up a lot of my fabrics in the scrap basket (s) and have them all ready to go to make all the quilts you can!
    ah yes I agree I am convinced my 1 1/2" strip basket multiples quickly!
    have a great weekend!

  14. I think you need to send some scraps to me. Shall I send my address?
    So many scraps, so little time!

  15. How do they multiply so fast? I have that problem also. I need to visit Bonnie Hunter's site more often & get busy with them.

  16. I have having the same joyful experience of reproducing scraps. I think i am going to have to have a couple of crumby years to get all caught up with the smaller pieces. cw

  17. Better keep your scrap box away from the coat hangers or you might end up with some really weird cross-breeds! 8)

    Happy stitching,
    Susan in Texas

  18. I also love scraps! And that pincushion is adorable. :)

  19. That pincushion is too cute!
    My scraps seem to be breeding too. But I love scraps, to it's okay with me.

  20. Maybe if you put them in plastic baggies it would help. My scraps hardly ever multiply :0)


  21. You must feed your scraps vitamins! Wish mine would multiply like

  22. Scraps really terribly sneaky! I remember when I cut up all of mine with my Go! Honestly, I don't think they need you to turn out the light, even!


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