Friday, March 4, 2011


Do you remember in school when the teacher would go quiet....

Oh...I hated that because it just made me want to talk.

So...I thought I would give you all a break and only blog every other day or so....but apparently this big mouth (typing fingers)....(brain that won't shut up)....can't do it...I just can't.... You did get a few days off...HA!! It is like telling me that I can't have that snickers candy bar...the more you say I can't have it, the more this oinker has to have it and will have it....HA!!!

What a fun fun day I had. I met Becky from Sarcastic Quilter at JoAnn's at eleven today....

We had the best time....oh...which reminds me I forgot to take a picture of the fabric I purchased...(bad girl)....anyways....I met her there and was helping her pick out fabric for this quilt along she is hosting..... Well...she side swiped me with these fabrics for half off (I think she just wanted me out of her way so she could chose and not have my big input...once again, can't keep quiet!) So while I was detained picking out fabrics she got her quilt along fabric. Win win...

Then we went to Panera's and had was one before we got there and we didn't leave until 3:30.....

She is just as cute as the dickens, fun, interesting, and well....she is just down to earth and a country gal. I like to think of myself as island country....ha!!

So while I was sitting on the sidelines trying to be quiet...I made a towel and pot holder....This is by far my most favorite fabrics....

Here is a sneak peak of what I am also doing. I am making two of the same 12 blocks and 12 more to go....lots of applique will be involved.

If you have read my blog enough, then you know that I love Thimbleberries (I know tired of hearing it...yawn...yawn)....well....

I won this book over at JulieKQuilts. I was so excited to receive it. It was wrapped (sorry, no picture, I just ripped right into it) and it came with the sweetest note. Thanks so much Julie, this book will be well used.

Then I won these note cards over at Happy Quilting. Thanks so much Melissa, if anyone knows me they know I am soooo cheap, I rarely buy note cards or wrapping paper. It has to be on sale...otherwise, you just might get a string tied around your gift...sorry...just the way I am...

We just need two more comments to have an item added to my giveaway, will pick a winner tomorrow.


  1. Yay! You finally got together. That's great.

    Love the turtles. That's the pattern I love the most I think. I've been meaning to ask. Is it a paper pattern or download?

  2. Barb, I love how you make your turtles. I was actually just using steam a seam for my be attitides quilt and it is not sticking. your fabric selection for your two new quilts look great!

  3. Congrats on a wonderful day out with friends, and for winning more than one give away!!!

  4. Sounds like a fun day shopping and out to lunch! Beautiful towel and potholder, and great quilt blocks and prizes!

    Keep on talking...we love to read what you have to share!


  5. Why in the world would you even contemplate being quite:)

  6. Oh how nice to spend time with a fellow quilter. I have a friend like that we meet at 10AM and before we know it it is 1PM!! I love your blue fabric too!! and now what are you up to!

  7. Yahoo! I am glad it got there...and hope you can really use it!!

  8. I am glad you can't be too quiet.

  9. someone shhhhhed me at quilt guild the last time I went...I thought I was in 3rd grade again LOL.....type away I love reading your blog

  10. What a fun day! I would love to meet a fellow blogger and shop and eat. What a great towel and potholder.

  11. Sounds like a fun Joann's trip. And your works look good and you are a lucky winner and we are glad to have your back and I wonder how many more "ands" I can put in this sentence before I run out of steam....and I was finishing the binding on the honeybun quilt this afternoon and I feel asleep under it and had a wonderful nap and barely woke up on time to get the kids from school and when I woke up the first really sensible thought I had was your blog heading "the best kind of sleep..." Thank you!

  12. What a beautiful towel and pot holder. Can't wait to see the quilts you will be making.

  13. Well, I for one am glad that you're still chatting!

    Sounds like you had a good day and your wins are great.

  14. It sounds like you were having a lovely time while you were being quite LOL. I'm with you, why wrap something that will just get torn apart and heaven forbid I shell out for a ribbon LOL.


  15. Absolutely love those adorable turtles! The fabric is perfect.

  16. See? Told you we like it when you blog. :D

    I had a great time too and thank you for the beautiful turtles! I love them and think the "lack of wrapping" was it's own present because now I have a strip of that beautiful fabric I can use in another hot pad or mug rug if I want. :)

    We will have to be sure we aren't strangers now that we have broken the ice.

  17. Do you make "twin" quilts often?

    I have several that I've done in duplicate, such as the piano watercolor wallhanging memory quilts for my daughter and her piano teacher of 15 years, and the Trip-Around-the-World journal quilt depicting the major international work trips they did for my daughter and her NaGISA mentor.

    It's nice to have such twins, but -boy- does it make the project time seem to drag on! lol

  18. Your turtles have always been one of my favs! The potholders are just adorable!
    Lucky gifts, pretty cards. Have fun!

  19. Oh, it sounds like you and Becky had a really fun day! I'm happy that you've met someone close to you! That towel and pot holders are so, so cute, and so, so Barb! Love those turtles! And congrats on all of your fun!

    Oh, and don't stay quiet....we all love it when you talk and post for are a hoot! :o)



  20. I'm sure people just tell me to be quiet so they can hear what else I have to say??
    Love the turtles in the colours of your island seas.
    Lots of fun in your gifts. Talk soon..

  21. The CIA is going to start investigating this mysterious meetings at JoAnns.


  22. Barb,

    Love the turtles!! The fabric you chose and the potholder is beautiful!!

  23. It is so very hard to stop blogging. I keep thinking I'll go three a week...but I keep finding more things to blog about!!


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