Sunday, March 13, 2011


wELL, The octopus is on the machine right now...just waiting for me to come and play but that is for another day.

I did go to JoAnn's twice!!

Got the backing fabric. Thought I had enough home, laid everything out....and guessed it not enough batting.

The lady at JoAnn's told me (cause I asked when I was in there that morning) if the coupons I had would go towards batting....she said no. I did not want to pay full price for batting (

But when Elizabeth from Such a Sew and Sew emailed me her coupon ..... I gave it more thought...called the store, read the coupon and know the rest of the story. Husband and I hop in the car and head to JoAnn's again. ten more yards.... Doing the happy dance. My husband asked how much I saved....I told him 59.00 and he was doing the happy dance. That car was bouncing all the way home...HA!!!

By that time....I had to put aside the Octopus and go on to other things. I had a young lady move up to the older class at church and so I wanted to give her this tote. I am making one for all the new girls coming in and infact, the girls in my class will help me make I got this done.



I have not heard of anyone using their Go cutter to teach a Sunday School Class but now I have.

I dont teach, I just help organize activities and guide...but got a call this morning from the Teacher and well...she is sick.

Thought, how can I get these gals attention? My go cutter was sitting there, some bright cardboard (if it can cut capri sun containers, it can cut cardboard) then I can write key ideas on them for the chalkboard....and well....I teach in about two hours. Hopefully, they will enjoy the class.


  1. Your Sunday School class has got a great teacher! Those bags are something they will cherish for years. And I think the use of crafts for teaching inspire the visual student. Happy quilting!

  2. It's probably a good thing that our husband's ask how much we saved and not how much we spent, right? Of course, your DH is probably just so glad he no longer has to go into quilt stores BY HIMSELF and shlep batting back to the island for you from Hawaii that it gives all trips to JoAnn's a happy glow for him. lol

    That's my guess!
    Susan in Texas

  3. I can just see the car bouncin' down the road. That's a really cool use for your GO cutter.

  4. Those Joann coupons are life savers when it comes to batting...I usually buy whole bolts at one time and always try to use the 50% off coupons when I can!

    That tote is adorable and all the girls in your Sunday School class are going to be in love with you...what a great idea, Barb. And the regular SS teacher best watch out...all of those girls will be wanting you for their full-time teacher! :o) I'm sure your project is going to be a huge hit!



  5. What a delightful gift for the newbie ... I am sure everyone is going to love class today. Maybe I'll come join you ... chuckle!

    Happy St. Paddy's Day ~
    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~


  6. What an adorable tote! You complete so many projects, I'm jealous. lol Oh I bet your husband was pleased with the saving on the batting.

  7. Barb, I have been a follower of your blog for quite some time, but just had to tell you how much I enjoy it! You never cease to amaze me with how much you get done. Total inspiration to me!! Thank you for sharing your talents with us. I come back everyday to seen what you have to show us! Your octopus quilt is adorable! Such talent you have! HUGS from Texas. :)

  8. How cool that he goes to JoAnn's with you! That's love. :)

  9. Happy dance indeed...two trips to the fabric store in one day is enough for a happy dance.

    Great idea for your cutter. I am sure the kids will love their project.

  10. That is a great idea!!! Love it!

  11. Fun post, Barb! The tote is adorable in spring-y colors. Have to say, you are not cheap for not wanting to pay full price in Jo Ann's. Nobody I know ever does! Very resourceful with the Go cutter helping you fill in for a Sunday School teacher!

  12. You always have such interesting things going on--life is NEVER boring for you, Barb.
    I'm a big believer in never letting my 40% or 50% off coupons for JoAnn's go to waste, even if it's just for a big spool of thread. Glad you got to use one for the batting. That's a biggie.

  13. Your bag is adorable, and great thinking of a project with little time to spare. I agree on using the coupons at JoAnn' buying batting at full price for me either.

  14. I'm curious how the class went. What a cute idea! I'm excited to see the octopus finished too. You're so creative and you just may be helping to creatively teach them principals too. Awesome idea.

  15. That is such a fun and clever use for the GO! I love tools that will do double duty. Thanks for sharing it.

  16. These kids are lucky to have such a cool Sunday School teacher! Very creative. xo

  17. What a great idea! Your students are so lucky.

  18. I love your octopus pattern. I so agree with the coupons at JoAnn, they are life, or at least wallet savers.

  19. Yay for batting. That is probably the thing I am consistently lowest on in inventory. I need to buy a large batch like that myself someday.

  20. I've never heard of JoAnns not accepting coupons for use on battings. I only know they won't accept a coupon for something that is already on sale. Talk to a manager. If it wasn't on sale they should have honored your coupon.

    Great idea for using the AccuQuilt for Sunday School Class, or any church program. Excellent!


  21. The tote is a wonderful gift. I don't know how many are in your class but maybe a tote for each one already in the class would be nice too. Of course with their help in making them :0)


  22. Cute tote!! Funny about the bouncing car! Great idea about using the dies for teaching, but for the life of me I can't figure out the lesson..

  23. Sigghh yes it depends on who you talk to at the 2 Joann's I go to. One will say no one will say yes...I have emailed corporate over some issues.. just depends on the way it hits me on that day.. hahaha!
    Cute bag! I am sure your class was a hit! Everyone will want to be in yours now.

  24. I was just at Joann's Saturday with my granddaughter and they gave me a flyer which includes 50% off any one item. I plan on getting a bolt of batting with it.

    Their coupons can really come in handy!

  25. Those coupons work for most things...except things like for the Go! and the Cricut. I have to drive about 40 miles to get there...but still worth it!

  26. Gotta love 50%. Wohoo! You saved a bundle.

    ox -El


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