Thursday, January 6, 2011


You ask how....well just take your shoes off and sit a spell.

We are talking major garage sale....the grand poo bah of delights. The kind that sets your heart racing and just lifts you a little higher off the ground.

Here goes.

A little background: Maybe I should have music to set the tone.

It is colder than as my husband would say "A well diggers butt" (sorry for the french)...but you have to admit, that is pretty stinking cold.

I am with my older friends....shaking in the back seat but we go to this one sale.

The owners of the sale are shaking in their boots, wishing they could go in side....( This gives us the advantage). You have to remember this is Texas and us Texans hate the cold....

...........................we are looking around and I see these.....

The light from Heaven shines down on me.

Of course, they only have a few items out but these were in two boxes.

You must remember me and my lid plus dish fettish....oh yes....gotta have them

I don't drink tea but who has a lid.

Besides as a little girl, I always dreamed of a tea I have a tea service of eight....cocoa anyone?

I forget the original offer.

There are 10 large plates, 12 desert, 12 bowls....etc...

This is Noritke China - Harwood

You have any guesses what I paid for this?

So....we are still walking around and I am sooooo wanting this set.

I only have a twenty in my pocket.

So they give me an offer...and I just walk away...still can't for the life of me figure out what the original one was but my friend got them down.....

are you ready???? He got them down to 25 dollars....but I still have to walk away.

I am sitting in the car shivering and I tell my see if he can get them for 10 dollars (I told you I am a coward)...

oh yes my friend...ten dollars... I guess it was cold enough and they had enough of the day that I got this whole set and what ever else was in the boxes for ten bucks.

Talk about a total high, who needs drugs....I am floating all the way home. Dancing around like a crazed woman. To this day I still am amazed.

I went online and tried to price all of the items I had but stopped at 1,000 dollars.

This has been in storage for 3 years and I searched for two days for the tea pot...come to find out, I in my mind thought it was the larger ones and passed right over this, thinking it was a bowl....

Now for some quilty news.....

I got these fabrics from Lee, Quilts by Lee, she has a deal of the day and boy was this a deal. Service is so wonderful here in the US...not long to wait for things...

Just love these if you have time, check out her deals every day...they are awesome.


  1. Sell, sell, sell!!!!! Think of all the fabric you could buy :) Actually, it's very nice, but as you can probably tell, I'm not a China girl, but you got a super deal--thanks to your wheeling and dealing friend. Can I borrow him?

  2. Oh my that is a deal all right. Nice fabrics.

  3. Oh my gosh! $10?!?!? I just LOVE those dishes. I'm with you on anything with a lid, there's just something about it. Maybe it's the thrill of something fitting so perfectly (like quilt pieces) and the wondering what might be inside.

  4. My grandmother passed that exact same china pattern down to me. I have a service for, get this, 20. I do not however have the tea pot. I have several of the pieces displayed in the china hutch and the bulk of it is in the bottom half behind the doors. I priced it for insurance purposes and it is a valuable pattern. I would never sell it however as it will be passed down to one of my kids one day.

    Not all of the fabric was in the deal of the day. THe fat quarters were just a little something just for you cuz you are always giving to others and thought you could use a little extra since your stuff is in limbo.

  5. Barb, you definetly got the deal of the day. Enjoy.

  6. A tea set! Very pretty. I bet you are having fun re-discovering all your pretty dishes. I really the fabric with the poka dots.

  7. Love the tea set.

    I have a china tea set from my Great Aunt that I'm afraid I don't use as I'm scared to damage it. It looks great in my glass cupboard though.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  8. SCORE!!!!! I could never talk anyone down to $10 for a set like that. It's wonderful and I can completely understand the lid fetish :0)


  9. What 1000 dollars now thats what I call a great find .Congrats there beautiful.

  10. Maybe I should send you $10 and see what you can turn it into for me. LOL!

  11. That is SOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!! I have bought china off of Craigslist, but NEVER got a deal like that!!!!!! I am the proud owner of Grandma's T's China....

  12. Sounds like my kind of sale! Yay you!

  13. I need a friend like that. Congrats on the good deals.

  14. LOL - you are the reason I hate holding a garage sale. I hate haggling and can get more for the dang tax write off than the sale b/c if I try to sell it, I'm just done wtih having it in my home!

    However, I love taking the hubs with my to a sale b/c he always haggles. Yes, I'm a hypocrit. lol

    GREAT FINDS and purchases.

  15. What a great set of dishes!! I'm with you Barb, I love dishes and glassware. Can't pass them up. But you, YOU, got the deal of the year!

  16. Don't you just love those garage sales. What a deal!!

  17. What a steal!!! Are you going to sell them or use them? Think of all the new fabric you could buy!

  18. WoWow! What a deal. Have fun with them! Nola

  19. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! Yes, of course you can copy the idea with the potholders!

  20. You're right! I am barefoot! Great deal! I love the tea service. I would pay $10 for that alone,

  21. Beautiful and what an unbelieveable price. Enjoy deserve it.

  22. Yes ma'am quite the deal for sure!!! Bet it is like Christmas again at your new home opening up boxes sealed for 3 yrs!!! Keep sharing I love it!
    I am packing up...Christmas decor that is...ugh!


  23. Congratulations on some fabulous dickering. What a great set of dishes.

    Susan in Texas

  24. AhhhBarb, you made me is the hunt....but I dont think I would have had the gumption to bargain to ten dollars....I remember the Noritake set and love it...Hugs Lyn

  25. Will you sell the dishes or put them into everyday service? The thrill of the hunt and the deals made always make for a good story!

  26.'s too cold to have my socks knocked out Ms. Barb---you are cruel :) LOL

    HOLY MOLY! What a need to be sure to always carry your bargain wheeling friends to gargage sales!! Funny, I have the teas set of these - it was my grandma's!

  27. That was a steal! I can just see folks riding along behind your car wondering why it was jiggling up and down and all around like that!

  28. It's a beautiful set! What a deal/steal? I hope you use it!

  29. I'm lovin' the dishes parade! $10 sure was a steal of a deal!


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