Thursday, June 10, 2010


Very successful day yesteday.

Got my Round Robin finished.....yepeeee!! Yes, I used my Go Cutter...oh yessssssssssss, works like a dream!!

Used my coveted batiks.....

For some reason I could not get these half squares right....I had to frog alot...

Then this next picture.....

Oh sorry, I can't show you....HA!!! Is my towel swap.....still working on it but hope to have it all finished tomorrow....another yepeee coming from these lips....

Some of you have asked if I have been playing with my Go cutter, only what you see above and what I did this week-end.....I am trying to keep my eye on the prize.

You ask, what prize..... I say, getting the things I have to get done so I can get to the things I want to do....that is the prize. Just a few more days and this gal will be playing with the "GO".....and doing a bunch, and I do meean a bunch of fun stuff.

But for eye is on the prize....

If you haven't voted for one of the finalist for the "Go" cutter, you can vote on the left sidebar and you can visit their blogs.


  1. The butterflies are great - and the rick rack really adds movement to it!

  2. My GO! and a few extra dies I bought are in transit now and will be at my house on Monday!!!

  3. I was a good girl and voted. Just when I think someone is ahead and going to win, someone else catches up. How awesome for them all. Can't wait to see who wins.

  4. Pretty butterflies...good for you working on your ufos first...

  5. Your Row Robin is beautiful Barb :0)


  6. Pretty RR Barb! Yes we do have to play mind games with ourselves don't we or get too side tracked! At least I do.Give myself treats like a two yr old! ;-)
    Right now I NEED to work on a finish but also WANT to do something that just popped into my head for something I was asked about! LORD!

  7. Love the butterfly and ric rac combo!

  8. Cute post, as always. I too am having fun watching the votes come in, as well as seeing the candidates rally to get followers and friends to vote for them.

    Not sure what "frogging" is. New term to me. Hymm. But the blocks look good to me. Love the butterflies. First time I've seen the butterflies that I can recall. Very cute.


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  10. Thanks Barb for turning me into a pest and bothering everyone I know (and some people I don't know) to go vote for me (sewmeow) to win this GO. Jeez!

  11. Love your butterflies. It will be so nice to see all the things you make with the GO!

  12. Wow, I love those butterflies, great job.

  13. Love the butterflies. Looking forward to seeing the towel photo. I've got half dozen staring at me, begging for inspiration.

  14. I don't know what "frogging" is either.

  15. Oh my, Barb!! .... you ARE disciplined. By the time you start you will be ready for a marathon of creativity !!!


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