Saturday, February 6, 2010


FIRST OF: I am getting ready to announce the February birthday winner, so if you have a birthday in February and haven't told me still have time. And.....I think I am going to have the February Birthday winner chose one of the towels I made if your birthday is in February...go chose one and get ready....good luck!!

SECOND....SECOND.... This is going to be kinda tricky....but....Jennifer's birthday is February 7th. This is my niece that owns Inch Worm Fabrics, she is having a 22% off sale (yes, I am beating a dead horse...soooooo sorry)....but....I want to generate more traffice to her site and so.....too many so's......but So.....if you post....only post, comments won't do, you have to actually post about her store having the 22% off and her giveaway at her blog Inchworm Fabrics, I will chose an owner for this pattern!! So only "I have blogged about this" comments please and if you have already blogged about it too...please let me know.

No sewing lately....too tired.....


Alot of you may think I only have one niece, I actually have many and I love and adore all of them, they are very amazing young ladies, I would do this for them and anything else they would need. Gotta love those girls since they are rare to me.


  1. Happy Birthday to Jennifer...I did go visit her site and left a message for her to contact me regarding some shipping fees...never heard from her. No big deal...but thought I'd tell you to pass it on.

  2. Barb, Love you giveaway and your towels; unfortunately, My birthday is in September. I'm a Libra just like you. Always enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Barb, sounds like February will be good for someone! Hope you are doing well and now I need to get caught up with everyone. Trying to get to work tonight. Waiting for the Nation Guard to come and get me! Take care, Stephanie

  4. Happy Birthday to Jennifer- It is my younger sister's birthday on the 7th as well. She is turning the big 50 tomorrow. How old does that make her big sister feel? Yikes? Actually I hope they both have a wonderful day.
    IF the weather cooperates we are going to drive down to celebrate her birthday.

    Hope all goes well with Jennifer's sale.

  5. Hi My friend. I think it's wonderful that you promote Inchwormfabrics and your niece. You sure seem to do a lot..wonder how you do it???

  6. I hit the big 50 on Feb 16th. Great month, great year! Right?

  7. Happy Birthday! Mine was February 5th. I love your collection of shells.

  8. Hey Barb....I posted for you guys!

  9. My birthday is on February 22nd, so does that mean I'm eligible for your giveaway hun? If so, woo hoo, if not, congrat's to your niece on her store....I'll have to try and remember to put a link to her store on my blog. Hugs & Happy Birthday to all the other February birthday-ites! Naomi


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