Saturday, January 16, 2010


Looks harmless enough....right!!!! Colors are amazing....I loved this quilt top.....but what came after....

Yep, that is right...that is me....but I have gray hair...HA!!!

Started stippling this last night......and things were going along so good....oh my gosh....I have never in my life taken out so many fingers are soooo sore. this quilt is a diaster. At one point I was going to throw it away....but no...determined to finish...I put it aside for this morning.....

You guessed it...

me again....STILL I finished it, bound it and it looks like a first grader did the border and binding, I dont' even know how to fix it...maybe it will be a tote and some cosmetic bags...maybe....I don't even want to look at it.....I want to rip it to pieces....I know all of you are wonderful quilters and can't seem to understand my frustration...sorry....(that is my way of saying, please tell me you have bad days and bad projects)....but things in my world don't go as planned sometimes and this is one of those I am going to make muffins and granola bars today...maybe do the gazzell (work off excess frustrations).

Glad hubby is at work. Oh...he informed me that he needs clothes (what is up with that)...I just did laundry Monday...he needs clean clothes?...go figure???


  1. I think it looks lovely. I think everyone who SEES it will think it looks lovely. I think we are harder on ourselves about the stuff we make than ANYONE else EVER would be. As far as bad days go? Well, let me tell you! The last quilt I made, despite using a walking foot and following the binding tool instructions EXACTLY, still rippled. Sigh. I did NOT take it out. I had done my best. It's done now and out the door it goes. 8-) We must be careful not to be our own quilt police.

    Happy quilting,

  2. I do indeed have projects like that- Barb-sometimes I go back and see if I can repair and other times I get rid of it - There is no explanation why some things work out and others are just don't - Sometimes you have an idea that the quilt is going to look like and the combination doesn't work ( remember my red and green quilt that I cut apart to try and save):O)
    Be kind to yourself- From the photo it looks quite lovely.
    Hope your day gets better.
    Warmest regards,

  3. Well, it looks pretty in the picture. I know what you mean, though, sometimes no matter what you do, it just won't work the way you want. Don't despair - the next one will be perfect!

  4. Barb, it will be worth it! Just, maybe not today? walk away, come back later...This is when I miss my Momma, bless her heart. I'd get so mad at some stupid mistake, throw down my sewing, walk away. Later, I'd see Momma pick up my work, and patiently pick it out. I think I sew today because of her patient example.
    We'll see you smiling again!

  5. It looks great from here! Love the colors!

  6. The butterfly's are so pretty!!! The picture looks great :)

  7. LOL Barb...yes I have days like that ALL the time! Good idea to make muffins....nothing like something warm in you tummy to soothe your mind.
    Take care.

  8. A disaster? Really? It doesn't look bad to me. But muffins and granola bars sound good! Laundry? Well, not so much!

  9. Sorry you had problems- I have had days like that. The colors in your quilt are beautiful-my favorites.

  10. Sometimes the stars are just not aligned right. I do feel for you but don't trash it. At the end if you don't like it, someone will and you can donate it. It's too nice not to love. Sorry about the sore fingers but good for you doing that.

  11. I'm sure your quilt looks great!
    But I know the feeling, as I'm sure all quilters do! Sorry...I wish I had more thoughtful insights to share!


  12. Now...pardon me for asking, but WHAT is wrong with that quilt? It looks beautiful to me. If that is bad work, then I have to tell you that your BAD work is better than most of what I think of as my GOOD work.

  13. Sorry you had problems with the quilt. Yes, yes this happens to me on occasion. We all have bad days, I hope it goes better, looks like a lovely quilt.

  14. Oh Barb! I am so sorry that you had such a hard time with your quilt!

    I hope someone with more experience than I will have some good quilt advice for you...

    But I can send you a HUG!!!!


  15. The quilt looks gorgeous and perfect Barb...what happened?

    Oh I get days when things don't go as I want too!
    Julia ♥

  16. Barb, it looks beautiful. If you want to get it far away you can mail it to me and I will love on it. Yes sometimes things don't work and I just go with the fact I am not perfect so my work needs an error or two. I know they are there but others don't. Someday all my quilts will be just perfect but not today.

  17. I think it looks great in the picture. I was quilting a very small quilt the other day, things were going great, flipped it over and two wrinkles in the back. WTH?? I folded it up and tucked it away. But, now since you picked all yours out, I know I can.

  18. I can't see what is wrong with it, so if you really don't want it, I'll be glad to take it off your hands. But you know, I am like that too, I get something finished, and all I can see are the little mistakes I made, even if I am the only one who knows they are there.

  19. The quilt looks amazing from here. I even super sized the pic and it still looks. Some days we are our worst enemies. We judge ourselves harsher than we would others.

    I know we all have bad days like that. I think some bloggers just don't put it out there for everyone to see. I do. I like to keep everything realistic. I have a couple quilts sitting in a drawer waiting for me to figure out how to fix my mix-ups. Someday...someday soon I will get them out and finish them!

    Geez, Hubby wants to be fed AND wear clean clothes! What is he thinking lol.

  20. The photos show a gorgeous quilt! Are you being too hard on yourself? Trust me, we all have really bad days.

    Hubby needs clean clothes???? Who got them dirty??????

  21. i think the quilt is beautiful!!! its so hard when things dont go your way...but keep plugging along. youll find a way to love it.

  22. I have things like this happen all the time....just read my blog...haha...oh yeah you do...just step away for a while and then take a second look......

  23. Hello Barb, you are not alone.....I had problems with Mums I had made the quilt previously and went together like a dream...Mums quilt was a nightmare....Warm Regards Lyn

  24. I think it looks just fine Barb. If you aren't happy with it, donate it, I'm sure it will be loved by someone.


  25. Been there felt that. It looks great in the photo thou. I hate picking out quilting, it's a royal pain.

  26. It looks great from my house! lol Sorry, sometimes things happen but as you know we just go on. :D Cheer yourself up and go to my blog and enter for the free tote giveaway I posted.

  27. I think it looks fine, wash to fluff it up and it will be perfect. If there is anyone out there that says they have never had that happen...they are LIARS!lol I have some from my early days of quilting on my mid arm and they are far from perfect...but who cares, they are still warm. I find it works best to stop for awhile when you are having problems, as the more frustrated you get the worse you seem to do.

  28. I agree that everyone has those days - there are personality commonalities among quilters (women) that supports creativity and productivity that are at the same time good and bad - the most challenging that we feel we have to be perfect. It is hard work, but I try to see the piece as a whole and remind myself that noone else is going to pick up any quilt and critique it. You certainly are not alone!

  29. Just found this on CT Publishing blog and borrowed it -- sums up what I was trying to say...

    And I thought
    I was
    The only one
    Who felt
    Like King Kong
    One day
    And tiny
    And timid
    The next.

    Once you talk
    To people
    You find out
    We all
    Feel that way…

  30. Oh, Barb - we've all had days like that!!! The only people who don't have any mistakes are the people who don't do anything. It looks beautiful to me - don't be too hard on yourself :o) Walk away from it for a while and maybe it will look better to you later. But remember, you're not the only one who faces this frustration - I think we all understand -


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