Monday, January 4, 2010


So I had the below package sent to my sons....go take a look....

I tried every way in the world for it to fit in my luggage....but then the fear of it getting broken came to play.

Did I want to carry it the full 17 hours and 3 different flights? NO>>>>>>>

But here it is in the Dallas airport eating with us at Champs. Got some really good questioning looks....the security at the Dallas airport was really rude about it...she said she guess I could take it with me. WHAT!!!!! She guessed....who was she anyways?????? I didn't have any carry on luggage....some people and authority!! Okay, we won't open that can of worms or get on that soap box today..

Now here it is safe at home....this package made it but my luggage didn't.....we won't go there either!! No I AM NOT GRUMPY....( sheweee I need to find my happy place)....

So you ask, along with everyone that was eyeing me..... WHAT IS IT???

Is it a small surf board? (too small for my fat self)...

Is it a thin skate board with no wheels?

A glass pane?

The blueprint for my new sewing room ( yesss.....come to momma............but nooooo).

I got this from my new best friend, Kelly,over at I have a notion. She was having a 25% off sale...

oh...why is she my new best friend?

Why else.....she has all these wonderful play pretties and if I am good, maybe I can come and play at her house!!!! is two Quick Points Rulers... it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo I am making these.....

That is what the small rotary cutter was for.....but since my cutter was in my luggage, I just used a marking pen and then cut with scissors.....

These rulers are also for prairie points...I have only used the small ruler....

Oh...I have a really really adorable (mother of 3 sons) friend that has started a blog, if by chance you have a few mintues, go check out her blog. Yes, she lives in Texas. Her name is Jennifer and her blog is Patchwork Possibilities. She is truly awesome and has been quilting for years (for her years that is, she is still a young chickie). the way, we did get our luggage on Thursday....

Link for Quick Point Ruler

Next to last day for my giveaway!!!!!!


  1. Hi, Rulers look great and so does the fabric. I went to visit your friend, but the link does not work. Glad your luggage arrived!

  2. I love that zig-zaggy thing you made.......wish I knew how to make it. Can you teach us??

  3. I don't quite understand the ruler, but I'm going to look it up and figure it out. I love what you've done with it though.

  4. OH...I just tried to go to your friend's new blog but I got an error message saying it doesn't exist. I tried twice. Is there a mistake in the link you gave us??

  5. Nice luggage! MOST people don't understand what us quilters will do to get a new toy home, even if it is 1000's of miles!!! Glad you're home safe and that your luggage arrived, did it earn extra frequent flier miles???

  6. Thanks for feeding my addiction to fabric tools! I will have to have one someday.

  7. will you stop blogging that darn giveaway, people keep entering

  8. wow, great link Barb. life will surely get easier now.

  9. Wow Barb, this looks fabulous. Can't wait to see what you create. Kelly is such a gem. I got my EQ6 from her too :-)

  10. I love gadgets of any kind..Don't ask me how many I have.
    Loved your post!

  11. Only a quilter would go to all that trouble. Glad you finally got your luggage.

  12. Now you can't have your luggage and your new quilting toy! LOL, glad your luggage arrived okay.


  13. What a great tool. I love the Prairie points too. You'll have to let us know how you like it.

  14. You are too funny. I did not say you could come and play with my stuff....I said you could come and live with me and then use my stuff!!! Get it straight :) And you could bring all the people on the island so they don't have to worry about another would be tight in here.....but if there is room to sew....that's all we need baby :)


  15. Does this mean you found your happy place?

  16. Hard to imagine that our mothers and grandmothers only used scissors isn't it? I have some of my grandmother's templates and wonder how she did it all those years, over and over and over.
    We just go "zip" and it's done!

  17. So do you applique the zigzaggy thing down? Oooo that would make a pretty quilt!!


  18. Great story...too funny! Have fun with the ruler.


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