Friday, November 20, 2009

A wonderful giveaway!!!

Go over to Sew Cal Gal, she is having a wonderful Thanksgiving Giveaway!!
These are just some of the things she is giving away!! you must go and check it out!! I stole some of her pictures....hummmmmm

And this....... and much much more!!

Now I want to say something about Sew Cal Gal, she is an amazing person. She sent several packages to the relief efforts of the Samoan people. She is a very giving and thoughtful person. She is more than willing to help anyone, as I am sure most of you are too but for now we are talking about her, so please go over and show her some support!!! Get to know her, you life will be truly blessed!!


Needled Mom said...

Thanks for the heads up, Barb. I love your package with the fabrics and sweets that you received in the post. Yes, where are those chocolates????? Congrats to Sandi for winning too.

fabricartist21 said...

Say Barbara I will go over to Sew CaL Gal and get aquainted ok. Just wanted to tell you that I will be having a box to you probably after Thanksgiving. Now is there anything you need in particular for your ladies sewing groups. This is all fabrics that I am sending so let me know ok??