Friday, November 27, 2009

Ginger Jar cut outs

I will solve this problem, Pat and Gene both will get one....


  1. A perfect caring, thoughtful solution Barb! But we would expect nothing less from a quilter. Good people each and every one! By the way, did you say the Ginger Jar Pattern is available? I'm dying to have it, even if I'm lucky enough to win the quilt, it looks likes such a fun project to make and the possiblities are endless. That red though ***sigh*** oh that red!!!

  2. You are TOO sweet!!! I'm SO excited about this!!!!

  3. That's very generous!

    I'm glad that they both won...

    I really would have liked it but I don't think my skills are good enough to do the jars yet anyway lol!!

    Congrats to both of you !!! <3!

  4. A perfect and generous decision Barb. I was afraid they would have to share custody ROFL.


  5. That sounds like a great way to solve the problem. But I want one too.


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