Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh yes, I am back!!! AND IT FEELS GOOD!!!

For some reason this picture turned out dull, it is a baby blue...really disappointed in it. But it really is pretty with the red hearts....would take another picture but it is on its way to Laurie.....and so if you want to read about what she is doing, just click on the button below. Also, I had to add a little material on the ends....oops!!

There are so many wonderful quilters (I call it the Quilter's heart) and Laurie has one. she is wanting to make a quilt for Terry, who's husband had a horrible accident and had to have his leg amputated. What a wonderful idea Laurie!!

AS A SIDE NOTE: I had mentioned that my niece and I were planning something big, well...the big thing is her new website INCHWORM FABRICS

It is still in the beginning stages but we thought we would share about it with you but when it comes time for the grand opening, we are going to do it up big....quilt just stay tuned and if you have a chance go by and visit.

I am just her cheerleader(wait until you see my cheerleading outfit....oh yea out Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders....ha!! NOT!!), and help where I you may see me putting things on her blog as well...but that is okay...she is my niece, I love her to pieces and want the best for her.


  1. I bet you are a terrific cheerleader! Well, if you won't wear a belly baring cheer outfit, at least shake some pom poms!

    Will go now and check out the new website now.
    P.S. glad you are back up and running:-)

  2. You are so right Barb. We have a quilting community with the biggest heart! Looking forward to hearing more about Inch Worm Fabrics. How very cool that you have a niece who has the same love as you do. What a great family tradition!

  3. Your block is lovely Barb. Hmmm very interesting about your niece's project, you know that I'll stay tuned to hear more :0)


  4. Great block for Terry's "heart" quilt and with all you have on your mind, it's nice that you wanted to participate. I checked out your niece's online store when you posted on Facebook....looks like it will be a very nice one!!! Glad you are BACK with us now, too!

  5. Glad to see you back! Pretty block. Seems a lot of people did a heart. I just did a plain one. Congrats to your neice. Can't wait to see it.

  6. I love that little quilt. It looks so good. Off to visit that new blog. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Glad to have you back and can't wait for your nieces site and giveaway. My aunt is my cheerleader too and I could not do it without her.

  8. So glad you're back and things are returing to normal. Love your hearts block for Terry. Take care.

  9. Welcome back!

    Cute little heart block.

    Okay... let's see the cheerleading outfit. haha.

  10. Welcome back, Barb! The red little quilt with hearts is so cute...a very nice entry!


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