Sunday, July 26, 2009





I have gotten good at waiting since being here on this island. I purchased these Annies from My Little Annies (check out my side bar for her blog).....I just love these Annies but it has taken over 2 months for me to get them. Check out her blog, she is awesome and her dolls are fabulous. Now you ask, what is a woman with five sons doing with these dolls.........I just couldn't pass them up...they are adorable and will make great baby gifts.

I even thought they were was an extremely good mail day!! Remember, we only get mail twice a week.

I will have to confess, I did not have to wait long for this tote from "Green Fairy Quilts".(check out the side bar for her blog)... I won this at her last giveaway and if you have ever purchased anything from her, they are very good about getting things out in a speedy fashion. Don't you just love it? You can not see the details, the professional quilting, sewing, and just absoutely wonderful job she has done. Go check out her blog and her website!!

I have been waiting for these books glad they came in as well.

As I am typing this my husband is listening to his 70's music he he had a good mail day too..

Then...........................the most wonderful of wonders came in the mail.

I must say, I just ordered this last week......he mailed it on Saturday and I was thinking that it would take forever. It only took a week...none tooo soon either....

So......................... feast your eyes .....

What a great mail day...truly.

Yep, my new Pfaff is in. My Bernina just isn't cutting it....last night while sewing it would only run one speed....and well....I like putting the hammer down and it just wouldn't knock out the speed I wanted.

Have I sewn on it yes you ask? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs and I love it....sorry Mrs. Bernina (yes, my machine is married) but on this Pfaff I never had to rethread my Bernina, every time I went to start sewing I would lose my thread and have to you know how many times a person can rethread a machine without getting frustrated? Sorry for you Bernina lovers but I really have not enjoyed my would make this awful noise....the stitches would go bad.....and this was from day one. So as I am sewing with my new Pfaff...we will call him Mr. Pfaff....never once did my thread come undone....and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the stitches remain good.

...oh yes...

What a good mail day indeed!


  1. I have same problems with my Bernina - cutter driving me crazy and top speed still feels slow - which model Pfaf did you get? Look forward to hearing more about your experience with Pfaff

  2. sure did get a haul in the mail yesterday. I'm happy for you as I know sometimes packages take VERY long to arrive. (I'm hoping mine gets to you soon and is intact when it arrives.) GREAT that you are already so happy with the new machine. Let us see it in greater detail in a photo soon, okay?

  3. Wooo WOOOOO! new sewing machines are the best. What model did you get?

  4. Just keep Mr Pfaff away from the ladies, Mrs Bernina, Ms Janome etc and he will work fine. All kidding aside, Good Luck with the new machine. I know you will give him a great workout!

  5. Oh My Barb, you must have been a very good girl to get so many wonderful things in the mail. I'm so happy that you have your new machine....I envision a lot of show 'n tell on your blog LOL.


  6. Oh my! A wonderful mail day indeed! Enjoy your new machine and the cute goodies!

  7. Barb, you did have a great mail day.
    Congratulation on your new Pfaff. I almost got a Pfaff embroidery machine but you know I love my Bernina babies.
    So mail is only 2 times a week?
    It's kinda cool because then you can get lots of things at once.
    My sister makes dolls too. Why did they take so long?

  8. My, you certainly had a great day! Lots of neat things. I can't wait to get a new machine. I was going to get a Bernina because I want the stitch regulator.

  9. WoW!! What a great mail day!

    I love Green Fairy quilts. She does deliver very fast doesn't she? She also has some great fabrics and patterns. A very talented lady.

    I'm so jealous of your new friend. It must feel great to test out a new sewing machine! I'm glad it arrived so you can sew at your speed.

    Happy sewing!

  10. Congratulations on all your new goodies -- especially the Pfaff!

  11. Which model did you get? I love my Pfaff it's the 2056. They are great, but as you might know I have been waiting and waiting for her to be fixed- I'll blame it on the dealer, not the machine. Have a great time with HIM ;-)

  12. Wow~ That was an extremely good mail day! :-) I love my pfaff~ would have to get another if it ever gives up on me. Have fun!

  13. Wow! What a fantastic mail day!

    I'd love to hear more about your Pfaff. Which one did you get?

  14. You know mail twice a week could be a lot of fun, sometimes all I get is one piece of junk mail, such a waste of a trip for our mailman.
    A new sewing machine, that is sooo exciting!! we need more pictures!!

  15. Congrats on your new machine. And such a wonderful mail day! Only twice a week, huh?? Hope you enjoy your new machine. I do love my Bernina. I never had a problem with the thread coming up until I had the machine serviced!! Go figure.......

  16. very nice! I can't imagine Mike ever letting me buy a new machine. I love getting mail! Annie and Benjamin love the big brown truck. Love the cute little Annie doll!


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