Wednesday, August 16, 2017



                                            As stated above, this month is QAYG challenge.

We have some amazing Island Batik Ambassadors, we even had a few do their QAYG on their longarm, can you believe that?

Here is mine

Since the challenge said 36" x 36" or larger, I cut out the backing and batting at 36" x 36", sometimes life calls for just doing enough.

                                          I found this Bumble Bee in Quilt World, April 2008.

 I blanket stitched through all three layers of fabric at the last.  I like doing this in a lot of my toppers and wall hangings, saves on quilting and time.

I think seeing this now, I would have done things differently.  Trust me, this sat for days.

I did the flip and stitch by taking my 2 1/2" strip and placing it right side down and stitch.
Then I flip it over and iron down.

             Sorry for the horrible picture.  I continued to flip and stitch the top and bottom.

As you can see I just continued going around the square, doing the sides first, then top and that order.

I was at this point two weeks sat at the thinking stage.  I had so many ideas but today I said...just DO IT!!!!  GET ER DONE!!!  So I threw away the ideas in my head and just continued on.

I used several greens for the binding, a few parts of this binding were left overs from other quilt bindings.

Notice this wall hanging below.  This is one example where I blanket stitched through all layers of the quilt to save on time and had to use very little quilting.

Here is another one of my toppers that I blanket stitched through all layers of fabric so that it needed very little quilting.  I actually like the look on the back when I am done.  This topper is 30" x 30".

Now on to Sept Challenge, we are having a blog hop so be sure to visit.

I think I bit off more than I could chew for this challenge but I love how it is turning out.  Actually it has been sitting for a few months but with Sept right around the corner I best get busy.  When finished this quilt will be a king size quilt.  I have the border left to put on then I need to get busy and quilt it.  Lucky for me my blog hop day is not until the end of Sept.  

I am adding the Island Batik Ambassadors just in case you want to go by and visit.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


            As some of you may know, we received 2 1/2 yards of rayon fabric from Island Batik.

                                              Here is the fabric that was sent to me.

Can I say LOVE IT!!!

Rayon is quite slippery so I looked on line and came across this blog

Megan Nielson, DESIGN DIARY.

That is just what I need.

I had actually thought about starching it up real good, still might.

In the mean time, this is what I am working on between keeping my man fed, mowing the lawn, and putting up a fence....a three acre fence.