Saturday, May 27, 2017

ANTIQUE QUILT TOP and another top finished

If you saw the post below, you will know that I was auditioning border fabric.

I chose none of them.  I chose a fabric that would match the middle circle.

I wish you could see it up close, the colors are muted in this picture.  I really do love this.

I had acutally thought I would put pink circles in between the sashings but I am kinda liking it how it is.

Next is a quilt I started in Amerika Samoa.  It is funny how you really like something and then take it out years later and your taste has changed.

                    Very very busy quilt.  I was going to put a green border between the top and the border but I knew that if I spent time trying to match fabrics that I would just put the quilt away again....  I put caution to the wind and just put the border on and called it done.

This quilt I just go..."INTERESTING".....  Do I love it like I did in Samoa, NO but it draws me in.

I hope you all have a wonderful week-end.


  1. Two beautiful quilts. Congratulations on your finishes! May your quilt that you began in Samoa always bring you fond memories. May not be your preferred style and/or choice of colors today, but it is still a lovely quilt that is tropical with an artistic style perfect for AS.


  2. hhmmmmm there is something about the bottom one that draws me in..........and the simple border looks just righht.........

    I like the border matching the circles.........

  3. It always amazes me too that my likes can change so much. Maybe it is the mood of our lives at the moment. Both look great, Barb. I really love how the pink one turned out.

  4. Both quilts are just lovely, I am especially drawn to the antique blocks , you did a great job on choosing a fabric that blends perfectly with the older fabrics!

  5. both are very beautiful. Glad you went for the finish instead of re-storing either of them.


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