Sunday, June 16, 2013



I think I have mentioned before that my husband is a list maker. He will make list for camping, grocery store, list of things he wants to achieve. List on when he retires.

  He will make me list for the grocery store and I don't know what it is but more often than not, I forget the list...OOOOOPPSSS

I do believe that he has me trained.....I have to mentally remember to go by the kitchen counter before I go out the door and retrieve the list.  Then I stop at the counter and go..."What am I here for"...ha!!



  Too much structure for me....

Now that being said. I did pin the other day when my pillow case would not turn out and......


I am gulping right now....yes...a list!! ME...pen on paper list.

What was this list you ask? (I am laughing right now because I can't find it....)

Okay...found it...(I mean all that work to be lost among my sewing mess (creativity).

Okay...the list is a list of things I want to accomplish in my sewing room. So many times I say, I am going to do this...and this...and finish this...

A few days go by and THIS has been forgotten.

So I wrote it down.

  I just thought there would be a few things.....

OH MY gosh...

I started hyperventilating.....the list kept growing and I stopped.

  I have nine items on one side and three on the other under patterns....

I don't like knowing there is that much to do but I don't want to forget either.

  I need to finish some things before I start another....don't you think?

Many of you make list, I see them on your blogs and you go and mark through them when you are done...I am sure that feels good.....but for me a list is a hill to climb.

If I went around my room, that list would continue to grow until it chokes me.

 Does anyone else feel this way?

I think I will keep my list and maybe add to it but for today, I am going to put it back under some papers so it will stop taunting me. Maybe I will just pull it out every once in a while to keep me

focused but not to the weirding out point.

I hate a post without pictures    CAN'T SEE THE FOREST FOR THE TREES RUNNER
 awesome awesome fabrics.....


  1. LOL.. I am a list maker like your husband.. make them for everything. Love the feeling of crossing things off the list as they are completed.

  2. My friend, I am guilty. I make lots of lists. I make the, because I am genially forgetting what I need to do. So I make a list for things I need to finish, want to make, make for others, gifts, etc... If not I would stray off the path and feel guilty about spending so much of our hard earned income on fabric for it not to get used.
    I also make lists for chores and projects around the house.

  3. I usually make a list when we are having a family/friends gathering so I can remember to do everything. I make a list when I know we will be having company that will be staying overnight. It helps me remember everything I need to do. I sometimes try making a list in the morning to make sure I get things done.
    Honestly, when I make a list, I get more done and spend less time wandering off on a non related task. this reminds me, I need to go check my list for today's Father's Day gathering happening here today.

  4. Love your table runner. And, yes I am a list maker. I would get nothing done without one. :-)

  5. I used to make lists, but it got so discouraging when I didn't get anything crossed off of them! LOL I still make a shopping list and a list of errands when I go to town, but that's about it.

  6. I'll admit it. I am a list maker. I don't always follow my lists and often when I get to the grocery store I discover that I have forgotten my list, but I still keep making them. Just making a list gives me the feeling that I have accomplished something.

  7. I'm something of a list maker - not to any grand scale. I make a list of things to pack when we're traveling and we make a grocery list every week. At work, I manage my day by my calendar. I would consider that something of a list. But I don't have any lists about my sewing room other than a sort of unfinished projects list. It's not my business. If it was my business, I would want to be organized so I didn't miss any deadlines.

    Pin your list to the wall or your design board!

  8. Oh yes! I definitely make lists!!! I saw this cute photo on FB this morning about that very subject - your husband would probably get a kick out of it! Hopefully this link will open to the right place:

    And thanks for the inspiration photos! I don't like posts without a photo either :*) Would love to play with those fabrics!!!

  9. Love the lime green and gray combo. I know what you mean about finishing up. I am in the midst of a time-consuming pieced back and I am tempted to start something else. Keep reminding myself I will be very happy when this back is completely done.

  10. Your post made me laugh because I'm a list maker. Otherwise, I'd never be able to get through the day. Love your table runner. Very cute!

  11. I always pin, but don't make lots of lists. I do write things down when I am planning a class or a pattern. I do write a grocery list, but more than likely will forget to take it.

  12. I make a grocery list but either forget or don't follow it. Sometimes I might make a list at Christmas but I really hate lists they make me uncomfortable. I do pin something's but not like I use to. My husband is a list maker to but that comes from his job.

  13. I make one day lists such as groceries, errands, things to accomplish that day. No long term lists as those cause me anxiety.

  14. If making lists causes that much anxiety, STOP!! lol You are supposed to be having fun. :) I keep my list making to a minimum: grocery, books to read, and wish.

  15. I do make some lists but not for everything I want to do.

  16. I am such a list maker...I have learned through the years of making lists to be more realistic about what i think I can accomplish...and I'm also fine with carrying things over to the next list. Takes away the stress. My lists are great for keeping me on task. But if they make you nuts...throw the list in the trash :)

  17. haha... yes, I ama list maker.... and hyperventilate at many of my lists... but I just love the thrill of marking one off as done! You never knew I was into extreme sports did you?

  18. Oh I am a list maker. Could not function without them. Even if I do something I put it on a list so I can cross it out!

  19. I'm definitely more like your husband. I even used sticky notes that are on the dash of the car!! I can look at them when I'm uptown and go, oh yeah, I need to stop at ** while I'm here and fill that prescription or buy whatever is needed! To me lists are a wonderful way to keep me on track and manage my time better. :)

  20. Definitely a list maker....except when it comes to my quilting and sewing. Then it would overwhelm me! LOL

  21. I do make lists. Not all the time but I keep forgetting things so it's best to have a list. Things to clean up and attend to before out-of-province family comes for an extended visit. Things that need to be sewn/repaired. I like the list because I cross off things as they get done and it gives me a sense of accomplishment.

  22. i only make list for the grocery and questions to ask my doctor and thats it.

  23. I sometimes am a list maker. There is a good book called "getting things done" by David Allen. He advocates litsmaking so you dont have to hold all that information in your head. He also likes lists so you can prioritize and take care of the most important first.

    Are you a member of the stashbuster yahoo group? They talk about the "Fab 4". A list of the 4 things you want to concentrate on. From there it is pretty much your own rules. Some like to finish that list then add 4 more. Some like to add one as one falls off. Some concentrate on one at a time others round robin through the 4 things for variety. I like the focus it gives me.

  24. Lists- not on your life!! They make me worry and it kills creativity!

  25. Yes I make lists! When there are things I really want or need to get done they are on a list for the day! I make shopping lists, if not I stand in the store wondering why I am there! I do gift lists as I get closer to Christmas...once again if not I will forget my great gift ideas for my babies! Yes I too have walked out with out the lists on occasion! DH and son tell me my new phone will take the place of the paper list but we shall see!

  26. Yes mam I am a list maker, I make lists of lists! lol

  27. I hate lists!!! I have a hard enough time remembering to write things down on my calendar. Lists just seem like a waste of time to me.

  28. I am a huge list maker. I have a list for on line fabric shopping, Amazon, and the daily list. It's not 9 am yet but with my list I managed to get the bread made and in the oven rising, lemon cookie's are assembled and waiting for the free oven, sheets are on the line, towels in the dryer. I have 15 minutes on the computer before I take my shower and then in between baking I'll be making AG doll clothes. My grocery list is on the refrigerator and I have a cork board in the sewing room with a list of projects to finish and new ones to start. I couldn't make it through the week without lists!

  29. Oh my...those are some AWESOME fabrics. Love. I'm the Queen of Lists. I'm one of those listmakers who does a to-do list, and will even add things to it that I finished just before starting the list, in order to have something to check off so I don't get discouraged. I've got lists on my iPhone that I can't live without (colors of silk thread I want...fabric lines I'd like...Accuquilt dies I already have...books I'd like to read...sewing machine feet I have). EMBRACE THE LIST!

  30. I should be a listmaker but instead I am a self proclaimed dingbat. I do pin things though....It is a great way to get inspired and I actually make some of the things I pin. It is funny reading this post because I just posted on my blog and talked about my gd Olivia and her lists. She makes lists for everything.


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