Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So I showed you this the other day, my memory foam top came in this….

It went from that to this:  For sure saving the zipper….can use that in so many projects. 

I used the plastic side and circle for a pattern, of course I made the body longer and came up with this:

IMG_1092  IMG_1093 IMG_1094
This bag is for my son’s girlfriend, she is going to go on a mission for the LDS Church for eighteen months.

The circle is:    11- 1/2" in diameter (if you need to know how to make this circle, go here).
Then the body  measures:   44” wide and 32” long.
I used ribbon for the tie, call me lazy….whatever but it worked and saved me some time.

Most of you know to sew the body of the laundry bag to the circle first before you sew the side seam or at least that is how I do it…I never completely  sew it all the way around, I leave about an inch on both sides  unsewn and then I sew the side seam to match what it takes to  finish going around the circle…that way it always fits perfectly around the circle.

I took a 3 inch hem for the casing, folding it under a half inch.  Slit the seam open enough for the ribbon, secured the slit with a straight line stitch at the top for about a half inch and again at the bottom of the slit to keep it from opening up further.  Then I top stitched about  one-fourth inch from the top just because I could.  I put two buttons on the ends of the ribbons to keep the ends from slipping inside the casing and causing her grief on how to get it out and back in again.

I just free hand the letters, did a decorative stitch over the top….this by the way is a pocket for her laundry soap or her unmentionables.

I see some more in my future.


  1. Love it! Makes you almost (almost) not sad to have to go do laundry

  2. What a great idea. She is going love it! Nola

  3. great idea and I love the recycling... and having a special place for the unmentionables!!!

  4. Say Barb what a neat idea, I could have used this a few years ago when my kids moved out and went to school. I guess I will have to wait a few years till my grandsons are older. I love the fabric and purple is my favorite color. Blessings Sandra

  5. It is so cute and I love the stencil style letters. I must make one of these for the grandkids who think their laundry bag is the floor.

  6. Clever. She will have the most stylish laundry bag on the mission!

  7. Cutest. Laundry bag. EVER! I just love it. What a lucky girl. :) xo

  8. Very clever and love your fabric choice.

  9. What a great laundry bag. What of the cutest I've ever seen. Having visited a lot of laundry mats, in my lifetime, I do appreciate good bags for storage as well as cute ones. I'm sure she'll love having it while off on her missionary work.


  10. That's what I call a makeover!

  11. I didn't *know to sew the body of the laundry bag to the circle first before you sew the side seam* . Thanks for sharing that tip and all the other directions. LOL
    Cute cute laundry bag you made, she will love it. Oh and what a great idea to save zippers from packaging. I tried storing in the plastic packaging but it made things stinky.

  12. Cute bag especially in the Samoan fabric. Did it hurt to cut into the Samoan fabric? I would imagine that you are hoarding the last bits of it lol.

  13. Do you really think our dirty laundry would fit in that? I need a dozen of those...LOL. It is very pretty and I do like it...but it isn't practical for us. I bet my girls would love one though.


  14. Recycling at its best!! I am sure she will love it!!


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