Friday, June 15, 2012


Here is what I have cut out so far.....found it is so hard to be neat when the piles get to high.

Here is Caroll's second reindeer

Here is Prancer
Can you believe that I did these in the car coming from Virginia? Every once in a while my stomach would turn but I was determined.....

Stepped on a water bug this morning....not to happy!! Did the skin crawling dance for a while.


  1. Those reindeer are so cute! I can read or sew in the car with no problems (other than bumps and sticking the needle in myself) Whereas, as a child I was frequently carsick.

  2. Your reindeers are cute. We also called them uglies water bugs in Fresno. I once put my shoe on with one in the toe. Now that was a dance.....

  3. Your reindeer are so cute , I think my stomach would be emptying not just turning if I tried that in the car :-) Not sure what a water bug is but is sounds creepy .

  4. eeeps! I can't read, sew or knit in the car, so I'm super impressed with you cute reindeer!!!
    ewwww ewwwwwww....i'd have the heebie jeebies for a long time if I did that!!!!

  5. At least he was small enough to step on....our palmetto bugs will carry you off if you aren't careful -- and it only takes two of them to carry a grown man. Gotcha smilin' now, don't I? LOL
    Lovin' your piles of fabric potential there....ya have me drooling!

  6. Looks great Barb. Reading in the car makes me sick but not stitching.

  7. love the little growing piles of fabrics and such cute reindeers....

  8. The reindeer are too cute, I can't believe you can sew in the car, my lines would be all wobbly. We're you barefoot?

  9. Your reindeers are certainly playful. Love them.

    And, what wonderful work you do in the car.


  10. I so love seeing all the creative things you & the other gals create. Your deer is adorable.

    Ugh! You stepped on a bug ... yucky!

    Have a beautiful Father's Day celebration.
    TTFN ~

  11. Your Go is certainly getting a workout. Lots of lovelies to put together. I'm totally impressed that you can stitch in the car. I've heard that some people can and do. Great progress.

  12. gosh, it has been such a long time since I have been by your blog. Lots of stuff going on with you.


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