Sunday, June 26, 2011


Twenty-four hours, five states, and a box of hot tamales later we finally arrived home.

We stopped off at my mother's and that night we put our heads together and came up with this stitchery. I want to add some cactus.....but what a fun wall hanging this will be.

Then she gave me a table runner that my Great Aunt had made.....

Here it is up close and personal....

Here is the me, my back does not look anything like this....

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She did a wonderful job putting this together and just tell her thanks, or you can always wait until the last day to do that.....


  1. What a beautiful embroidery,a treasure for sure!

  2. That's a great looking Texas stitchery you came up with. Are you originally from Texas?

  3. Not sure what necessitated the trip, but glad you are safely home. Beautiful embroidery.

  4. Your great aunt's wonderful stitchery reminds me that I keep forgetting to ask my mom where some of her little projects from the past are. Probably hiding in a drawer some place. I'd love to incorporate a couple into a quilt some day.
    Your Texas stitchery is VERY inventive.

  5. Very beautiful piece of work from your great aunt. I would not be able to make the back look so good either. LIke the Texas piece too. Your embroidery is so cute!

  6. Welcome home! Love your Texas stitchery...what a great souvenir of your trip!

  7. I'm so glad you have arrived home safe and sound. I love the Texas stitchery. You gals did great! Your aunt's stitchery is beautiful.

  8. I am glad to hear you traveled safely.

  9. Bet that bed felt great too. Welcome home.

    Her stitchery is gorgeous - front and back and I love the Texas one you two designed.

  10. I bet your bed will feel good tonight. Nice that you got to spend some time in Texas, even though for a sad occasion. Love your new stitchery.

  11. Your texas stitchery is going to be great... I love the treasure... now that back is something...

  12. Sorry to hear about your sad occasion.

    Your Texas wallhanging is looking great so far.

    Enjoy snuggling down in your own bed tonight.

  13. How wonderful to be able to draw up such a lovely stitchery. A great momento of the great state of Texas.

    I love those vintage textiles. My mother-in-law still carefully starches hers for her dining table. Wonderful to have such lovely family pieces.

    Now let's see if blogger is going to cooperate and let me post this comment...

  14. Love your original design. Your great aunt's work is also beautiful.

  15. So happy to hear you are home & safe. Love your stitchery that you created and that of your Great Aunt. Definite proof that your talent runs in your blood. Lovely.


  16. What a beautiful table runner! The back looks almost as good as the front!

  17. What a creative piece you two came up with and how wonderful to have an heirloom piece too :0)


  18. Great work you and Mom came up with !! Happy youa re back home safe and sound.
    Beautiful dresser scarf and I have same one!!!!
    Done with different color threads of course.
    Have it on one of my sewing room cabinets.


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