Friday, October 22, 2010


I got an email from Cheryl asking if I wanted some butterflies to do her techinque of raw edge applique on my vacation. I said sure, and was waiting with anticipation to get to my son's where they would be waiting for me.

Little did I know that sickness would take over and the will to quilt would be gone. Now my poor husband is sick and my son just said "I think I am getting sick"! Hummmmmm (I started whistling).

So Cheryl just sent me her tutorial for her version of raw edge applique. I was excited....I took this method to the two classes that I teach since Steam a seam is not available in Amerika Samoa. I was totally excited about this.

So if you have time, take a few minutes and go over and check out her tutorial. Thanks Cheryl, the butterfly pieces are just wonderful.

Have I been converted over......

Let me put it this will have to come and pry my cold dead hands from my Steam a seam before I give it up.


  1. Sorry to hear the bug found your family. I got my flu shot this week because I'm going to Houston next week. I'll check out the tute, sounds interresting.

  2. You guys like to share your bugs!! Hope all are better soon.

    Glad to read that you have butterflies to occupy your free time.

  3. So sorry to hear about your illnesses. Hope you don't get it. It's always worse to be sick away from home. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hugs.

  4. Wash your hands frequently, sneeze into your sleeve, use hadn sanitizer.oh my I sound like I am at work....

    Interesting applique method. I may try it.

  5. You're such a sweet Mom to share your cold with everyone lol. They say flying lowers your immune system and makes it easier to get sick. Hopefully it will go away soon and everyone starts to feel better.

    Love butterflies and applique. I've tried the glue version but I prefer steam a seam 2 also. I always worry about too much glue and then I don't use enough and the pieces shift on me.

  6. Hope everyone gets well soon. The desire to quilt will return!

  7. FYI- I use a glue stick and dab just enough to tack the piece to the background,(I usually make an X where the body should be and stick all 5 pcs to it) The two stitches I use cover all the edges and when washed it gives a nice look. I have use other methods to applique and perfer this 'cheater's way" mostly b/c it is so quick and easy.
    I think the steam a seam is a wonderful look for future heirloom quilts.
    My projects are mostly for utility (to be used) so I want fast fast fast.-
    Glad you like the packet, I have tons more if any of your friends want one. I do ask to see your project when you get it done. (this way I can get more ideas for using these little scrappy butterfiles in the future)- be good cw

  8. Is there anything worse than being away from home and getting sick? Hope you all will soon be feeling better. Thanks for heads up on raw edge applique. I'm popping over there now. Take care. Nola

  9. You know how I love Butterflies!
    Hope how you are feeling better

  10. Oh, no! Vacations are the worst time to get sick! Hope the desire to quilt returns soon. I feel the same way about Steam-a-Seam. No way I am giving that up.

  11. Such a generous lady, always sharing LOL. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better though.


  12. Oh, so you are out visiting Texas, huh? Too bad about the icky sickness that grabbed you all. Hope you are up to sewing, soon!

  13. The flu is awful, and being sick away from home is worse. Take care. I haven't used steam a seam so I'll have to try it, but I will check out Cheryl's tutorial too. Thanks. Hope everyone feels better soon.

  14. Hi Barb, wow you are so talented..I can only dream of having that talent.thank you for stopping by and saying hi, and your sweet comment!
    Have a wonderful day!


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