Friday, June 11, 2010


There is a story behind all this, trust me. (some commented about frogging, it is not a sport where you gig for frogs....although you could if you like frog legs).

This frog below is mocking dare he???

You all have met my best sewing buddy? Fons and Porter seam ripper (there goes that frog again...mocking me)...

rip it,

rip guessed it....that is what I have been doing.

Got my towels done late in the afternoon, rested and well...started on my jelly roll quilt along (see my right side bar and just click).

Everything is going along sooo wonderfully (sorry, blocks are not ironed yet, hubby sleeping, no want to wake him...). Remember I have been gone for two months....lots of catching up to do....

Round 3....sewing is going great....

Round or block 4...still going great....

By this time warp speed is occuring and in my mind....I say....oh yes.... I, I am doing really mistakes..............

Is that frog mocking me it ... rip it... Oh yes my little padawan....I said it....these are words you never say...



I say..never pat yourself on the back while sewing.

It is like the great fairy's wand has turned backwards and it ricker...shays all over the place and hits your little fingers....and WHAM!!! You guessed it.

So block 5 is done but not without the help of my Fons and Porter and a little patience on my part and some behind kicking to boot.

Okay, so I am laughing now...don't look too closely but I think block #5 has to be frogged again....oh me....that will be another day....sheweeeee

Don't forget to cast your vote for one of the finalist of the GO cutter....what a race this has turned out to bad I am not a betting woman, we could all make a little cash on this one.....anyone know a bookie? Ha!! Just kidding....


  1. LOL My Fons & Porter seam ripper are great friends too!! So well I have 2!!
    Pretty blocks!

  2. That's what the Amish call a humility block. Just leave it! LOL

  3. you make seam ripping seem like a comedy show. LOL

  4. We all have to FROG once in awhile if we admit to it or not...;-)
    I panic more over my missing fav Ripper then I will my scissors!
    Blocks look awesome!!

  5. I like your blocks, even though #5 sort of looks like a rocket ready to take off! I know what you mean about patting yourself on the back too early. The sewing fairies will get you!!

  6. I am in LOVE with block 4!!! So, so, so cute!! I think that just that block would make an AMAZING quilt :)

  7. Oh, don't I know about that darn sewing fairy when you congratulate yourself on something that is going so well. Happens to me ALL.THE.TIME!!! You'd think I'd learn by now not to even THINK that something is turning out well before it's completely finished! :o(

    BTW, my BFF is my "ripper" too!



  8. Just when things are going great....don't you just hate that? Try and stop that! :)

  9. I've jinxed myself many times by thinking how smoothly things are going. Rotten frogs!

    Lots of voting going on. Is there anyway for us to see who is in the lead? I can only see how many votes there are total.

  10. Rip it, rip it, rip it! I hate days like that.

  11. Hee, hee, hee. Very cute post. Rip it, rip it! Love your blocks and colors. This quilt is going to be beautiful. Well worth a visit or two from Mr. Ripit!


  12. Well in spite of all the frogging, the blocks are lovely :0)


  13. never mind...silly me ~ you have to scroll over to see the totals lol.

  14. A seam ripper is one of those "must have" tools!!!
    And it helps to have a sense of humor too :)

    Have a great day!


  15. Sorry to hear about what you have been up to, but I have to tell you that you have added another "need to have" to my ever-growing list. I love that seam ripper!

  16. I rather enjoyed hearing about you doing the frog stitch. Trust me when I do it there is a lot of anger in me.

  17. Barb, I love you little froggies...not really....LOL...ripping is not my favorite thing. After ripping several times...I'm thinking, "Throw this sucker away and start from scratch!" But that's me.LOL

  18. Love the Bistro fabric :)

    How did your frog make it all the way to TN? *sigh*

    at least there is strength & comfort in numbers

  19. Hi, Barb.

    Anyone need to take any lessons from the Blue Ribbon expert on Ripping? I'm offering classes...real cheap, as I've had years and years of experience! The froggies are soooo important to me now, they are part of my notions box, and I carry them everywhere; to my quilt bee, to my Sew Sassy my tv breakfast (oops..nope, that's a different story!)

    For those of you who don't know me, I'm sewmeow....and I'm begging shamlessley AGAIN for more votes to win the GO from Barb. Thanks to all of you for helping me WIN! jump back in my notions box where you belong!


  20. I hate those kind of days where I have to rip it. Inspite of all the ripping, your blocks are lovely Barb.

  21. I am no stranger to frogging! Hey, I even have "Frog" in my blog name LOL!

  22. I call mine my picker....we spend lots of time together.......


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