Saturday, May 8, 2010

HOARDER or just can't get rid of keepsakes....

Have you all seen the show "Hoarders", well that is my mother can walk through her house and it is clean. Her problem is she never throws anything away that we give her.

Here is an example of some things I have made her through the years and she still has them on her wall.

I made this wall hanging when living in Hawaii 23 years ago...

I made this one in Hawaii also.

I made this heart when in Missouri about ten years ago.

Made this one in Texas about 20 years ago.

Made this right before we left Hawaii....about 21 years ago.

Now I may be off a few years here or there but you get my drift....

I was totally shocked to see all of these things on her walls. Now I mostly send money or fabric.

We made a quilt top today, I will show it later.

Once again...have a wonderful Mother's Day...


  1. she loves you Barb. She cannot part with your lovely creations

  2. Barb, I'm not convinced these are examples of hoarding, but examples of love. Clearly, your mom loves you very much and is very proud of all the beautiful items you have made and given her!

    Hope you and your mom have a very Happy Mother's Day!


  3. Don't you know us moms keep everything! I don't have all the stuff my kids have made me on the walls, but I have them all in boxes! I remember doing the cross stitch on the gingham! That was a LONG time ago! LOL

  4. It sounds like your mom loves all the special things you made her- they are her treasures just like you are... My mom is the same- its one of the things I love about her... Even when I have given her things or made something that might not be to her taste, she has kept it and loved it...
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day- May your boys celebrate their Mom.
    Warmest regards,

  5. My Grandma, who also kept a spotless home, would put gifts that were "too nice to use" in her attic, in the original box, with the gifter's name on it. When they finally moved, this was how I got back a lovely (though inexpensive) cake stand, among many other things. What ya gonna do? They aren't gonna change. 8)

    Take care,

  6. LOL! What a perfect post, Barb. I just left my Mother's with a bag full of stuff I took down from her walls and off the shelves all about the same vintage! I told her it's okay to get rid of it just run it by me first if it makes her feel better. Now I better have a look around my own house...

  7. Thats not hoarding that is called love. Hoarding is when you save stupid senseless stuff that has long seen better days. I dont think she is a hoarder otherwise she would have to have a way bigger house than she has now or you wouldnt be able to walk through her house. I think I save way more than she does.

  8. Barb, I know all about keeping family given gifts. My house is full of things from daughters, sons, grand, and great, grand children. If something gets displaced,like when I cleaned the plate shelf in the kitchen and a tray was being washed in the dishpan. A grandson came to the house and the first thing he said when he entered the kitchen, was Hey Gma, where is that cow tray I gave you in the 5th grade? (he is now 31). So I keep everything. Happy Mother's Day.

  9. That sounds just like me. I hate to get rid of things my kids or grand kids make for me.

  10. I have 'treasure' boxes that I put everything! into for them to have when I am gone!

    Have a lovely Mother's Day weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  11. Such beautiful things! No wonder she kept them all. I still have everything that my kids made for me over the years. Your Mom loves you!

  12. I agree with everyone else, Barb. Your mom is just sentimental and loves the things you have made her. Now, if the next time you go over there and she has put the money you sent her on the wall, then maybe she has a problem... LOL!!!!

    Happy Mothers' Day!



  13. those are the type of things that we should keep. Things that are truly made and given with love. Used aluminum foil that you will never use again - now that is hoarding!

  14. Awwww - your Mom is sweet to keep all those treasures you have made her. I'm smiling just thinking of her! Happy Mother's Day to you too - hope it's a wonderful day for you and that you hear from all 5 of those sons of yours. I'm sure they treasure you as much you do them :)

  15. How sweet! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  16. love seeing the things you've made for you mom is the same way...she loves ANYTHING we give her, well especially the grandkids now..happy mother's day to you

  17. A friend and I stopped by my mom's on the way back from a quilting retreat. As I was giving my friend 'the tour', I realized I kept saying, "Oh! And I made this for her, too! Years ago!"

    I visit my mom often enough that I don't notice it, but when I was seeing her home from my friend's viewpoint, I realized that it is chock-full of my "creations"... I got quite the reminder of the different crafts I've embraced over the years!

  18. What a crack up....I love it. My boys came how with little things they made at school and I know I will keep them until I die. There is something in our hearts that will forever love the magic of our children and everything they create is timeless....even when we think it is tacky and dated on our own mother's walls....


  19. Yup I agree it's LOVE!!
    Happy Mother's Day:)

  20. I know your feeling, wondering where Mom has found a place for everything I've made too. It's heartwarming. Have a wonderful Mother's Day, all!

  21. Yep that is what mom's do. My grandma did the same thing, upon her death my mom got them back. It was so neat to see things my mom had made her mom. And I got back a cross stitch I made about 20 years ago that I gave her. Kinda special if you ask me. Thanks for the ideas for my mom's birthday.

  22. it just shows how much she loves you....awwwwww.....

  23. Why would she get rid of all those things that spell LOVE to her?
    She has a special warm memory with each one! No this is not hoarding this is surrounding herself with LOVE :0)

    Happy Sewing


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