Sunday, January 3, 2010

MAIL CALL........look what all came in while I was gone.......

Sue from Alderwood quilts sent this package.....she was in a car accident and had fully intended to send these at the time of the tsunami but......even with the pain she was in....she worried about these items and the people of Samoa...she even apologized for being so late.....I say why apologize....what a wonderfu person to worry when she was in such pain...but from what she says, she is lucky to be alive and we are lucky to have her too... Thanks sooo much!!

Oh...Sue did say that all this was not just from her, so I must truly thank the Westside Quilters Guild as all are wonderful!!!

Sue sent pillowcases...

Quiet books....

More quiet books....

The next items are from Norma, from The Valley of the Mist Quilters Quild in California....what wonderful pillowcases...truly wonderful....thanks sooooooooooooooo much!!

Nest.... is from Linda, Fiber fabrications.....she did a signature the blocks and the wonderful pin cushion...thanks soooo much for doing this Linda....( note quilt is already done, see post below this one)......yepeee!!!

By the way, I am working on mine as we speak....I am machine quiting it right now...and will be different from everyones...I hope I don't upset anyone but this is my quilt...right!!!!

I brought these over at Green Fairy Quilts when she was having a Black Friday.....

In which, one of the honey buns is in my don't forget to go to that post....


  1. Wow what a great mail call.

    I say "do what you want with the signature blocks" I think we should be as creative as we want with them. It will be a couple of weeks before I get to start on mine. So I may "borrow" an idea from you.

  2. Barb I know the Somoan community will be so happy to get those.
    Now a question about your signature quilt. Were we supposed to send you a block or did you make them all.? It sounds very interesting.

  3. It's so much fun to receive packages like that. I know all will be appreciated.

  4. How wonderful!! Hope Sue is all better now. Yes we are lucky to 'know' some kind sweet folks in this bloggy world of ours!! God bless them all!!
    I thought I had a plan for my siggie quilt till I looked at all the blocks...hummm one is not wanting to play along... hahaha! Yes it is YOUR QUILT!! Can't wait to see it my curiosity perked up...;-)

  5. Lucky you! i never get this much good stuff in the mail.

  6. What wonderful things to get in the mail. Thank you for helping my daughter purchase some of your fabric...I absolutely love it!

  7. What a wonderful way to return home and start the new year. Just delightful to see more packages from those that want to help the Tsunami victims in American Samoa.


  8. I love it when you get mail.......because you deserve to get lots of good things sent right to your doorstep. You do so much for others and you also very much appreciate things that are done for it's always fun to see your "stuff" after the mail arrives.

  9. Wonderful mail call!! It must be great seeing all those wonderful pillowcases coming in. All the different fabrics :)

  10. You are so right, this is YOUR QUILT, and since we've already seen it, I think it's great what you have done!! I've sidetracked right now but will at least finish the top soon.

  11. Thanks so much for your kind words, Barb. I'm so glad you like the package from my guild.

    I'm feeling MUCH better now- getting better all the time.

  12. Wow a wonderful Mail Call!! Ok, I'm confused, what's the difference between a Honey Bun and a Jelly Roll????


  13. Oh dear... Barb, I sent you your package a LONG time ago - in November - and I thought that I must have missed you before you left - but did you still not get it?


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