Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Just look what came to me from my niece's store, Inch Worm Fabrics,, ohhhh my goodness....look at all the eye candy and the tummy candy... My niece, Jennifer, takes such good care of me. Two is a bag pattern....can't wait to get my hands on that one.

Yummy Jelly roll by L'mour....oh calories here....

I don't think this is in her store you heard it first here!!! I am loving those bright flowers....ummmm ummmmmm good!!!

The L'Mour line....oh my........need I say more?

More still my heart!!!! I think some of these are not in her store yet be looking out for them. thinks I am in LOVE!!!!

I just can't take it...can you? Go on over to her store and give her some blogging love!!! Thanks Jennifer!!!


  1. thanks ooohhh your right love some of those fabrics
    off to check out her shop

  2. What a great package of goodies from your niece... she sure does take care of you!

  3. I think you need that tummy candy to have enough energy to work with all that wonderful fabric and the nice new patterns!!! You don't want to feel faint while working, right? LOL

  4. I love the Deb Strain fabric!!! I got a jelly roll of it the other day :)

    I can't wait to sew with all of these things!!

  5. I ♥ that L'amour line. All that red fabric - who wouldn't love it?

    Everyone seems to be getting good mail lately. Isn't it GREAT!

  6. More goodies to keep you busy.

  7. wow, I could only wish to get that much fabric at one time. lucky girl

  8. You are a lucky lady!! Love the Lmour and the Big Bloomers pattern!! You are all set to have some fun.


  9. I love the l'amour line...I am such a red fan the bag pattern too!


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