Sunday, October 18, 2009


If you can, it is not an earthquake, it is me dancing all over the house. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I opened this up....I can barely contain myself....slobber rag please....oh...I will need more than one..thankyou!

Can you believe all of this? Can YOU???? I can't!!! My friend Debi from Quilting with Debi sent this to me before the tsunami. Infact, we both were afraid it was lost or taking the slow boat to China to get here. arrived... Thank you...thank you.....

Do you see all of this??? Oh yes....I do have to brag and yes...rub it get ready....

Two Halloween towels.....whoohoooo
One jelly roll.....Specialty Coffee Bistro....(need another slobber rag)
Charm squares....40 of them....called louisa......oh....(need a full sized towel...slobber rag tooo small)
Herbal Tea.......I can just smell it now.
memo pad...she must have read that I forget alot....I do mean alot!
Then some Ribbon....two of them....I have never seen these but they are is Halloween assorted...and the other is Fall Fun collection...where did you get these Debi...they are sooo cute.....

I don't know if my heart can take this.....I may have to go and take a sedative.......

Thanks sooooooooooooo much......


  1. great gifts! you are too funny Barb.

  2. Lucky you....such a nice bunch of pretties!!!

  3. VERY nice gifties for you....and well-deserved, I might add! Debi is a doll...isn't she?

  4. You scared me..I thought maybe you were experiencing more quakes. Wonderful package! Lucky lady.


  5. What a wonderful thing to get in the mail! I tried e-mailing, but I haven't gotten in touch with you...I have things to send too. Please e-mail me your address at:

    Thanks, Suzanne

  6. take it easy down there please, it would take us awhile to reach you to help, lol congrat on the loot

  7. Wow Barb, so glad that your package did not get lost. What a great package :-)

  8. I see why you needed a slobber rag! What wonderful things from Deb!

  9. Sometimes a girl just needs a slobber towel :) You could use your sleeve you know...then there is less to wash...LOL

    Hugs and enjoy!!!


  10. Goodness, I had to dry up a little slobber dripping off the corner of my screen LOL. What a wonderful package!! Debi is so sweet!!


  11. The packages you have been getting are so awesome. You really deserve the goodies for yourself. You have done so much for your community. Hope my package doesn't take that long though. Keeping watching your mail. No telling how many more you will get.

  12. Makes me happy to know you are happy! Such pretty fabric and those towels are just great!! Will be fun to see how you use up that jelly roll and all. :O)

  13. Oh my what wonderful treasures.. Lucky you. Are the ribbons in one of those stack containers.. that attach to each other by screwing them together? LOL Slobber towel!!
    Your too funny :)

  14. Great package! Wonderful stuff! Glad it didn't get lost.

  15. Looks like you recieved lots of fun things in your package - and all in good time for celebrating halloween. Enjoy and try not to slober on your pretty fabrics.


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