Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I really like to make these disappearing nine patch quilts. I make the squares real big...probably 14" so it will make up quick and showcase the pretty fabrics. This is the one I had to take all the stippling out on.... Turned out nice too...

If you look at the top of the quilt, the lighting is better and shows the real color value of the quilt.

Okay.....I won this over at I'm just a guy who quilts, He was having a vacation giveaway and I won one of the prizes...and what lovely prizes.... The beautiful Patriotic Fat Quarters...he even added a few things like thread, rick rack, and a (I call it a candle without a wick)...smells soo good, I have been going through the house smelling it as I go. You would think I was a drug addict looking from the outside in...open the container, smell.....go ahhhhhh walk a little bit...open the container....go ahhhhh and walk some more....

If you have not been to his blog, you really must go over there....he does fabric swaps...he has children he talks about and wonderful quilts.


  1. NICE prizes...I remember when you won that. Your disappearing 9-patch is wonderful!!!

  2. Oooo pretty quilt Barb. The touch of gold and green really makes it shine!!

    Lovely gifties you won!! How do you use a candle if it has no wick?


  3. oh I see he sent your favorite thread too.
    congratulations Barb. Your quilt is beautiful too.

  4. I love those fabrics. I have not tried a D9P, but Sally loves to make them. Maybe I will try one this weekend!

  5. I do love his blog! Congrats on winning, you sure did receive some great things! I LOVE your quilt, the fabric is just so beautiful, nice job and I also love that pattern, I am going to someday cut into my Katie Jumps Rope and use that pattern as well!

  6. Barb, the quilt is stunning! I like the disappearing 9-patch block too. Congrats on your win.

  7. I like the blue and green together.

    That's a great idea about making the 9 patches large.

  8. I am working on a D9P myself and also decided to make big squares. It works up so quickly and looks much harder than it is. I really like the way you arranged yours. Great job.

  9. I love your D9P. I am thinking of doing some table runners out of them.
    I have to get started making things for the Christmas sale.

    I think the "candle without a wick" is what they call in his shop a TART. It is a scented wax thing that you melt in a melting device to release the scent. I would think you could just sit it out and let the scent dissipate.


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