Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saturday's accomplishments

The quilt below belongs to a gal (nine months pregnant) that comes to my home to sew with the sewing group. She came last time and no one else showed up. So she had the material for the nine patch and I had the material for the triangles. She did the nine patches that day but as I was going to explain how to do the triangles, she said, I am just going to leave it here. So here it has been. No sewing group lately, so Saturday, I decided to finish it up. Hope she likes it. It is really bright but they say babies like bright. I get real frustrated when my things don't turn out perfect....and this is far from prefect....


It is a small sewing kit.

David needed a small sewing kit for when he leaves for the West Indes, so my mother mailed him one many, many, many weeks ago and it has not come in. So once again, necessity has taken over and this is what I came up with. There are things I would change, things I would do different and make it look nicer but....I don't have to make another one, soooooooo....this one will do.


  1. Barb I am sorry that your sewing group is not meeting.
    I just wish I had a sewing group to even go to.
    My local guild meets during the day when I teach.
    Anyway, you did a beautiful job on that quilt and the sewing kit is an excellent idea.

  2. That baby quilt is WONDERFUL, Barb........stop being so hard on yourself as your work is terrific! for the sewing kit, as long as it has the necessities, I'm sure it will be just fine. Too bad that package from your mom is still not there. Have you ever had a package get totally lost while there?? I am going to be on pins and needles now until mine reaches you. :(

  3. What pretty colors! I agree with are far too hard on yourself. You do beautiful work. The sewing kit looks like it will be just the ticket. What will your son be doing in the West Indies?

  4. I don't see anything wrong with the baby quilt, it looks bright and cheerful to me. I'm sure she will love it.


  5. Barb, Barb, Barb---What are we going to do with you? There is nothing wrong with that baby quilt! It looks pretty and the baby will get lots of visual stimulation with the bright colors. I agree with Fiesta, I wish I had a sewing group to meet with. Everything around here is during the day while I'm teaching.

  6. Hi! I enjoyed my visit! Love the little sewing kit, and the baby quilt is adorable! 8-)
    Sorry to hear your group is not coming together to quilt...

  7. Barb,

    We need to talk! You need to quit being so hard on yourself. That quilt is gorgeous! The colors work so well together!!! She will love it.

    Perfect little sewing kit - just masculine enough - and has lots of white buttons! They need those...

  8. Very cute baby quilt...bright and colorful. I love the sewing kit too...isn't it fun to figure something out and just make it?


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