Sunday, March 1, 2009


What you are looking at above is a camera case I made the night before we left for Western Samoa (up until 1:00 a.m. making it). We had company until 9:30 and so I went in around 11:00 and started making a bag for my camera. The reason being is because my husband is so rough on my camera, he scratched the lens, he scrapped it against a fence and got green all over it. seems every time he had the camera it would drop or something would happen. So...this bag is double batted, and it has double the interfacing in it. I made it up as I went along... I put buttons on both sides, one side was to cover up the hook. I just pinched each corner and placed the straps in each and just sewed, making a box. I had plans for a real nice one with zippers etc...but this one did the trick and was really easy to handle.

I saw this little bag on Sew Mama Sew But I was to lazy to look the pattern up Thursday night that I just made it up as I remembered and well....just put my own little twist on it. This little bag came in sooooooooo handy


  1. Barb , thankyou for your generous offer for buttons that you left on my blog . I don't really need any more buttons but your kind nature has really touched me . Thankyou so much .
    clares craftroom

  2. Really Really like both bags. I could use one of the camera bags as I"m always dropping my camera down in a tote bag and the lens cap popping off. Like the fabric you selected too!

  3. Very cute bags! You are so talented! I can't believe you made those in only a couple of hours!

  4. Barb you are so talented. Your bags look better than any store bought camera bag. You did an excellent job.

  5. Great job, Barb! You are so clever.

  6. Great bags! Love the fabric! Can you send me some of your creativity!?! LOL

  7. You should design patterns, Barb....really. You do such a good job of making things up as you go along. You should write down the steps and publish them!

  8. Both bags are wonderful!!!

    Oh, and that purple quilt...looks great!!!

    Glad you stopped by my blog :)
    Oh, and it's 23 and snowing like crazy...I'm happy I'm here and not somewhere cold. I don't handle hot very well.



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