Sunday, February 8, 2009


Isn't it awesome? The instructions said it would twist in the center and it does. I just love for my back to look just as good as the front (doesn't always turn out that way). I know, no one will see it...but it sure makes me happy when it looks good.

Now to answer some of the comments (which I thank you for)...I am one to visit the site of the commentors but very rarely will I comment, not because I don't want to but because I would be on this computer all day, as it is....I do spend a fairly good amount of time on it. So...I do not know if it is a new technique, the copywright says 1988 (so I guess that answers the question). I got it off ebay...gotta love ebay. I did look at some green material to do the corners I will take that in advisement. It took me all of 2 hours to sew the strips and cut out 8 blocks. Then the next day 2 more hours to sew the blocks (had to make 3 more strips and so a total of 12 blocks) and mess with the goes way fast and is soo much fun. I sound like I invented this ruler and have stock in it??? Hummmmmm


  1. Very pretty! I can see how they come together from your photos in the post below! What a great tool!

  2. WOW...I'd almost be tempted NOT to use batting and backing so people COULD see the back (and I could, too). LOL

  3. OK Barb, what is the name of this ruler again? And did the site have more of them when you bought it? I love to shop ebay~~~

  4. So pretty Barbara! I cant wait to see what the finished product will be like.
    did you check out my friends blog that I told you about on facebook?

  5. Oh my gosh to have the back look as good as the front is really something!!

  6. Great job. I agree it feels so good when you can be proud of both sides of the block..even if no one else knows it but you!


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