Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Since I have decided to stay in the smaller room, I am reorganizing and hanging things.

This was an Island Batik Challenge which I loved.  It reminds me of Amerika Samoa.  I was actually waiting til I got in the larger room to put it up but now this will be my sewing room up it went.  It is put up with pins and command strips...haha....but hey, it works.

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Oopppsss how did he get in here?  This is my youngest grandson.  I have never seen a happier baby or big baby as he is.  Lots of kisses and hugs going on.  I am sure he wishes I would just leave him alone.   He is only 6 months old at 30 pounds.

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I saw this at my sister's house.  The rest of the story later.

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So I went to Micheal's looking for the said cart and decided to get this, I am calling it a pocket rack.  Notice I already have it junked up???  I hung curtain hangers on the side for my scissors.  I am trying to clean off my work space for more cutting room.

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The rest of the story.  So I showed my sister this rack.  She went out the next day to Micheal's to get her one, same color and everything.  I found humor in this and still do.   Somehow this cart is in my sewing room as well, just like hers, don't know how that happened???

Saturday, August 8, 2020


I have always loved that saying, now that we live on a farm I understand it more but in my sewing room I understand it even better.

If telling you that I have been very busy, that would be an understatement.

So.....for many many moons (since last year) I have been trying to get all the tops I have finished.  I am almost there.

When I got back from visiting my sister in Washington I decided to get a few more done.  I had actually quilted a top for her.  Her long arm was acting funny so I told her I could just quilt it on her domestic machine which I was not having any luck with so I just brought it home and finished it for her.  She has already received it in the mail.

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                 61" x 75"

Then the thought struck me, why not just get busy and work on of my quilt tops.  This one was already sandwiched.  I was waiting to do more detailed work on this one but you know what, it wasn't going to get done.  I did this one while watching my 4 year old grandson for four days.  I would work on it at my leisure.

When we first moved into this home these dresdens were found up in the attic.  Several years ago I put them on the squares and put the top together.  



                                     92" x 98"

The next week I did this one.  The top was finished in Nov. of 2014.  It is made with Island Batik Fabrics and at the time was not a challenge but a just because.  As an ambassador, I did a lot of just because quilts.  The fabric line was Strawberry Fields Forever.  I loved this fabric and decided to see how many ways I could do the half square blocks.

I did have my 4 year old grandson for 2 days and I still have my daughter in law and her (our grandson) living with us.  So I babysit for her quite often. So I did this one when time would permit.  You can see that it is a pretty large quilt.  It fits a queen size bed nicely.


                67" x 94"

I finished this one this week.  I am so excited to have this one done.  I had purchased the blocks at an antique store here in town.  This will make a fabulous single bed quilt.  I enjoyed looking at the old fabrics on this one, some of the fabric are the kind that fray so I don't think this one will be used much.

This week my daughter in law was sick so I had my little 18 month old grandson to take care of day and night.


Here is my little grandson eyeing the cookies.  See the one that is cut in half, that is his, he was wanting another bite.  His mother doesn't like it when I give him sweets which I don't do often because we want to keep mommy happy.  BUT  I have to tell ya, the look on his face when he had his first bite....priceless and the smile he gave me when he got his second bite....even more priceless.  He is like a whirlwind in my home.  I had him blocked off in the family room but I turned my back for one second and he was over the side of the couch and running through the house.  Does that tell you how my week went.  When that stinker went down for a nap, I would quilt.  I actually did a lot on Monday morning when he was still sleeping.

All is back to normal in my house.  I am in my sewing room and thinking, what next???  I have two quilts for two of my sons but they are so large I need my longarm so they will have to be done later when my daughter in law leaves.

We will see what I can come up with, I have one panel quilt which I am thinking of making a quillow and then I have the TREE of Life quilt I made for a customer but she did not want the colors so I made her another one.  I can finish that one???  I believe that is it.  So that is four tops.  AHHHHHH  I love the sound of that.  Then it will be on to the unfinished projects.

Have a wonderful week-end.  Hopefully, I won't spend so much time away.  Sorry for the long post.