Monday, June 29, 2020


I just saw that the last time I posted was May on earth did that happen?

Then I thought back on my life this last month and I know exactly how that happened. 


We cleaned out my sewing room, the room my sons and his family were living in.  The next day we went to Ohio and met up with our Daughter in law and grandson to bring them back to live in my sewing room.  I have given up on having that room again, I really don't mind.   I did set up my longarm, took it away from the wall and oiled and dusted it.  My daughter in law doesn't mind if I set up a quilt in that room.   My son is overseas],  we felt bad for her.  She lives in New York and has been quarantined all that time with our grandson.

Then .... yes there is more.  It seems all I do is babysit and when I am done, I am too tired to do much else.  If you think that was a are so right....

A friend from Samoa asked me to do a Samoan BABY QUILT.

You all know it takes me longer to think then it does to actually make a quilt.  Took two weeks just to finalize what I wanted to do.

           Samoan Kava Bowl
              44" x 44"

I had purchased the background fabric and geometric fabric from Hancock's of Paducah.  Maryellen McAuliffe sold me the black.  Perfect fabric for what I wanted to do.

Here is the back....

I am so glad this is finished, now I can go on to other things. 

Crazy world out there.  All of you be safe!!