Thursday, April 30, 2020


  Several months ago....I do mean several

I came upon the idea of reinventing the Hunters Star using the Accuquilt Go die.  I love seeing how I can make something different from these dies, it gives a person several ways to use one die.  By the way Accuquilt has nothing to do with this post, it is my own post.  If you have been a follower for a while, I have many project using the Accquilt dies in different ways than intended.

Here is the quilt....a horrible picture I might add....  I have been taking pictures of this quilt for months and get the same results. 

Here is the picture today...much better

Here it is up close

Here it is closer...see those beautiful fabrics???  Feline Fine by Jackie Kunkle, Island Batik

Here is a blue and white version.  I just love this.  Making this one into a table topper.  Island Batiks fabrics.

What you need to make just this one block is one strip of the blue and one strip of the white 4 1/2" the length of the fabric.

Fold each fabric to where you get four layers.  From the four layers you will make two cuts giving you eight sections each of the Hunters Star die. 

So you would have eight of each of these sections.

Here is the beginnings of the hunters star.  You put two blue halves together and two white halves together.

 You will need eight of these.

Sew the white to the blue.  Do this eight times. 

Sew the segments together as shown above with the white square opposite the white square, you are just flip flopping the segments.

Now you have four squares, hopefully, they look like the one above.

Place the remaining 4 squares together with the white going inward with the blue making the star.

Don't you just love it?  This is 24 1/2" square

Here is my table topper with a 1 1/2" border

I have this little topper in a hoop, I plan to hand quilt it...hummmm  maybe???

Wednesday, April 22, 2020


First I want to show you an awesome discovery.

These beautiful Irises

I have never seen them in our yard and I think I know why.....when they were in our yard my husband would mow them down but....he recently put up a new fence and it just so happens that these irises are right in the corner of the fence where it is hard for him to get to...Oh what a lovely discovery.

This quilt top was made in Amerika Samoa, the fabric is from one of the Samoan shops, used the Wedge ruler.  I didn't quilt it because for one, I wanted to make it bigger but didn't have enough fabric, for two, I didn't know how to quilt it and I wanted to do some fancy quilting.

Sooooooooooooo  fast forward to now.  A few months ago I sandwiched it and just kept thinking on how to quilt it.  The other day I thought who cares, if I was to do some detailed quilting it would take me years so I just did a meandering.  The next photo will tell you I made a great decision

Tulip Tumbler
by Barb Gaddy

I designed this quilt many moons ago, let's say seven or eight years ago.  It is on the Accuquilt site.  I used the small tumbler die and  tulip die.

That being said,  when I submitted the pattern I just quilted in the ditch.

I never felt this quilt was truly finished so about 3 years ago I decided to start quilting it.

I earmarked this for someone very special to me, so I have been working off and on.  Do I need to tell you that I am still working on it.

Now......I told myself this week that I was going to get HER done!!


I went through a spool of thread, then  my new one of the same kind kept splitting and skipping so I went on line and ordered me a different brand.  So it sits.

I have to be honest with you, I have a short attention span.  I have to have the TV going to keep me going.

So...................... this is why I prefer to just do a meandering or some other simple design because the quilt would never get finished.

Cozy Quilt Designer

This is the joint project Jeanette from Inchworm Fabrics and I are doing.

I purchased this pattern on Connecting Threads, it is a pdf.  I purchased two, one for myself and one for my sister.  I just felt it is only fair to the designer to buy two even tho my sister can just print off  mine.

Java Batiks
by Freshwater for Maywood Studios

Here are the fabrics I chose and cut out......ummm ummmm good.

We both chose to do a throw, which will be 62" x 71.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020



                             ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!

                     But Baby it is cold outside

  That being said, I am gonna give you some Color...lots of Color

                               Awesome Ocean

                              Awesome Color!!!

I finally finished my sew along with Kathleen McMusing.

If it wasn't so cold and the ground still wet from all of this rain, I could have gone outside to get you a beautiful picture but me being the cold  baby that I am....indoors it is.

Feels so good to have it done.

Island Batik Scraps (do you really think my scrap pile has gone down????  NOPE)

The border is Timeless Treasures which I purchased at Hancock of Paducah

Hobbs Batting Tuscany which I might add makes it so fluffy.

Color makes me so happy.

Batiks makes me just as happy.

My sister, Jeanette, at Inchworm Fabrics and I are going to be doing a project with the awesome batiks she has in her store.  I had to order more fabric from her, bummer (smiling here).

Friday, April 10, 2020


Everyone knows that I love Batiks!!

I can't get enough of Batiks.

I loved Batiks way before I was an ambassador for Island Batik.

My husband would bring me back batiks when we lived in Samoa while visiting Hawaii.

Well......  Inchworm Fabrics now has Batiks.

I say Yuuuummmmie!!!

These are Java Batik fat quarter bundles.  In fact she is selling them for 25 dollars a piece.

Some charm packs

Some yardage....oh boy!!!

I sent her some money for these fabrics and told her to be kind to herself and to make a profit off of me...I don't think she listened.

Then this beauty she just sent in the mail a few weeks ago.

Notice the name! Oh yessssssss

Gotta love it.

Happy EASTER!!!

Monday, April 6, 2020



Sometimes we take the little things for granted!

Like this little, I call it the bobbin cover?

I was making the said quilt below post (the pink one).

I went to wind the bobbin and what would you know, I misplaced this little puppy.

I searched high and low.

I swept the floor

I swept under things that haven't been swept under in ages (not ashamed).

I cleaned off my sewing table (still not ashamed).

The bad part is, the said quilt below caused me so much grief that this was only the beginning.

So...I thought, why not try just quilting the quilt without the cover.


So I changed machines...still kinda grumpy but we are trying to make lemonade here.

On new machine and just before I finished the last three inch square of quilting that quilt, I ran out of bobbin thread.

Heaven help me because my eyes I believe started turning red.


get the quilt finished and start on binding.

I am attaching the binding to the quilt and two to three inches before I finish sewing it on....

Out of bobbin.

How can this be happening!!!

Eyes are a little redder.  You know my hazel eyes turn green when I am mad....

just so you know you have been warned.

So it is attached, now it is time to flip over and finish sewing it on.  I do not hand sew the binding, I sew in the ditch.

This is where the fire shoot out of my eyes.

I ran out of bobbin thread again..

For some reason the bobbin would not wind correctly so I just went with what I had.

I am not a cursing woman but if I was, not only would fire be shooting out of my eyes but a whole string of naughty words would be following.

I think this would be a coniption fit?

Later after I calm down, I go back in my room, search the garbage can twice.

Later a third time,

search everywhere again.

Finally I gave up.

This was all Saturday.

Guess where I found it...


Come on guess.

I gave you a clue in the picture above and (this time I am ashamed).

Saturday, April 4, 2020


There really hasn't been too much of anything going on here lately.

I did finish this quilt today.

I wish the picture was better for you but I already gave it away, so I can't take another.  You can't even see the cute frogs....yes that is a whine!!


My cousin who owns the funeral home here in town called and asked me to make her some masks.

Then others wanted masks.

Who can say no????

With everything going on in my life at the time, I just didn't think I would have time to make mask or really feel like dealing with it, so I gave all my elastic away to a sweet gal who was sewing mask up a storm.  If I couldn't sew, I could donate, right!!

So I just used small hair elastic.  I also added an inch to the side to allow for the shortness of the elastic.

Didn't take picture.  

I wanted to show you the quilt I draped over my mother's coffin.  This quilt was made for my mother several years ago.  My sisters, and several nieces made this quilt.  We put all the kids, spouses, and grandkids on this quilt.  Several of my nieces were, I can't say happy, but it gave them peace to know that this quilt was draped over their Granny.

I have to say that only a hand full of people came and we all had to stand 6 ft. apart.    It sure is a sad crazy world out there.

Won't you all join with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in a worldwide fast April 10th, Good Friday?  A day of fasting and prayer, asking our Father in Heaven to heal this country of the virus, to bless the United States, our leaders, and our economy.  

A fast consist of missing 2 meals or 24 hours (as your health permits)