Tuesday, January 28, 2020


First off, I have to show you this precious little one.  I took the picture in the dark so that is why it looks pink.  I kept him last night so his momma could sleep.

I made this table runner yesterday from the Ohio Star Accuquilt Go Die.  I purchased this die about two years ago and just decided that I was going to play around with it yesterday.  I also used the Heart die as well.

This next little topper I used the Spider Web Accuquilt Go die.  I just purchased it from "Quilt in a Day".  This one has so many possibilities and was so fun to work up.

Ok, I have no business starting another quilt top, judge me if you will....I just can't help myself.  The devil made me do it???

I am going through 5 years worth of Island Batik scraps.  It just doesn't seem to help my scrap pile go down at all, what is up with that?  I loved the Ohio Star Accuquilt Go Die so much that I decided to go scrappy.  We will see how that goes.  So this is what I was doing today, off and on.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


The above picture is the one I showed you on Saturday.


This next picture is the quilt as of this morning.  The side border is off.  At the time, I did not have anywhere to take a picture so it is just squished in on my formal living room.

                               This is the picture as of right now.


I could not get the whole quilt in this picture but I am in love with the black side borders.  I am debating of putting another one on there or if a grey one or none at all and just go ahead with what I have planned in my head.  I think I have grey to match the bird's grey or close enough.  Thinking of just doing a grey small border with a white border which matches the birds as well and then a black border followed by a blue larger border and then just a grey and black small border.  This will only be on the sides except for the black and grey on the top and bottom.  Like I had mentioned the length is plenty long.

The more I look at it, the more I am thinking more black flying geese on the sides.  Will take longer but hey, good things take a long time...right????

By the way, this pattern is called "Flying Home" by Pam Bono designs

Saturday, January 18, 2020


                                         This block here took no time at all to make, it was such fun.

                                                                    CHUCKLES Block 5


If you are sewing along, or if you want to start, go to Kathleen McMusing Blog.  She will give you tips and tricks to help you along the way.  IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN!!!


There has not been much sewing lately, mainly because of this little buggar,. his brother and my mother.  It seems when I sit down to sew I am asked to take care of one of the three.  Then when I come back, I have no desire to continue sewing.   Trust me when I tell you that this little guy, his brother and my mother trump sewing anyday.

Funny story about this little guy.  This is his first bath.  He was wide awake when she put him in this chair to bath him.  He fell immediately asleep.  She washed his hair, face, moved him around and he was totally asleep.  I guess he felt so safe and warm.  His mom and I just shook our head, we have never seen anything like it.

On the sewing front.  I have made it a goal to finish all of my quilt tops this year that have been hanging around forever.

I am working on my son's quilt.  I have showed it to you before.


I just threw it over my bed...sorry and it is all wrinkled.  This week I took off part of the bottom and added a row of flying geese to the top.  I was not happy with this before but once I changed the row to the top, it made me all excited to get this done.

Then the idea came to me so I texted my son.  I asked him if he wanted me to make this a king size quilt.  This quilt just fits the top of my bed and hangs maybe an inch over the sides.  The length is perfect.

He wrote back and said a King size would be good.

I wrote him back and said it may take a while.  I plan to make flying geese for the side.  It will have to be in black since I no longer have any of the fabrics.  You can see that the blue on the side does not match the blue in the middle.  Oh well...what can I say, this quilt has been almost 20 years in the makings.

So...he writes me back and said "That's ok, it's like a fine wine going for the 20 year taste.

I thought that was so funny.

Well...today I am going to cut out the flying geese and hopefully, get this done before his birthday in a few weeks.  Wish me luck.  Gotta get her out of here.

Saturday, January 4, 2020




As you can see, this is the 4th block.  I loved making this block but I also apparently loved making mistakes.......never the less....I got ur done!!!  I wanted twin fish but as you can see I made a little mistake.

If you saw my octopus post, one of my hints was never to cut away the excess fabric until you know if you have sewn in the right direction.  Tis all I have to say about that!!!!