Thursday, November 2, 2017


I had to be somewhere last night at seven.  It was six thirty so I had a few minutes to draw the patterns on my Heat N Bond fusible.

This morning I got up at five and ironed them to their fabrics.  This is actually 6 projects, 3 reindeer and  3 penguins.

We are expecting our grandson today...whoooohoo so I decided to get going on these.

I timed myself when I blanket stitched.  Talk about nerve racking, seeing the seconds go by.  I finally told myself not to look.

The time did not show up but it took me 13 minutes and 35 seconds to blanket stitch around these reindeer.  See how fast this goes?

The most time consuming part is drawing out the pattern pieces on adhesive and cutting out.  Even then it didn't take that long.

I find that is is much easier to make 3 than one...maybe a little more time but once you have the fabrics picked out you are GONE!!!

The pattern is "The Wooden Bear Quilt Designs" and the fabrics are Island Batiks.

I love these reindeer on brown don'w know why but I do.


  1. Did you use a stabilizer on the back when you blanket stitched? Appears your towels were made from different fabrics. Very cute by the way. Love me some batiks!

  2. Love your tea towels, I do like to do them too, as I find them fun!. Hope your doing well . Hugs, Marie

  3. Adorable. I'm impressed how fast you were able to create these projects. Inspirational. Total #CreativeGoodness


  4. I love them too. Guess I'm going pattern shopping! Thank you very much! LOL!!!!!!

  5. We are expecting our grandson today...whoooohoo that one coming to visit or a new one being born?? Either way enjoy. Love the cute Reindeer.

  6. You gotta love a reindeer. I love me some Mooses too! These are so cute and you whipped them up in no time and spare time. Love them.
    xx, Carol

  7. I am amazed that you did all that blanket stitching in that little bit of time.

  8. The reindeer are cute and I do like them on brown/tan towels. If I'm going to pull out all the supplies for one item I tend to just go ahead and make a handful. It does take more time to actually stitch but you save time because you only do all the prep work once. I like to split my projects into a couple days. I like to do all the prep like ironing fabric or tracing out little reindeer noses on day 1 and then spend the next day doing the fun stuff - sewing.

  9. Those are so cute. I love your reindeer in brown too.

  10. These are awesome!!! Source for the towels, please?


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