Monday, November 6, 2017

NEW "to me" (unique) STORAGE CONTAINER

My son and his wife gave us this old  1968 Post Office sorting container.  Don't really know the name of it.
I refuse to show you what the room looked like before.  We had an armoire that was a catch all, now my son and his wife have it. (embarrassed)

Now it is in my storage room off my sewing room.


I can't tell you how much better my sewing room and storage room looks.  I am just beyond happy.

My husband said he was surprised that it is almost full.

There is still plenty of room, the shelves are 2 ft. deep.

I need a label maker.

Cute baskets (that will come in time)

but for now....I am doing the happy dance.

Now when I tell you that this container is is stinking heavy.

I still can't believe that I helped my husband bring it into the house.

I told him we will have to go a few steps and rest a few steps.

We both were huffing and a puffing and probably was not a good idea for us to move it without help but we did.

Yea US!!

Secretly I am working on my chickens for my husband.

We have a sick grandson today so there will be no sewing.  He has already had a cold bath, popsicle,  no shirt and the fan is going.  I am freezing but anything to keep his temp. down.


  1. Love the storage area, we never have enough. So sorry about your grandbaby not feeling good, it always hurts us so much. Love your chicken, what pattern is this? I am working on a quilt, Here a Chick, There a Chick it is in six parts by Bonnie Sullivan. It is all applique and you can use it on dish towels too, really a fun thing to do. Have a blessed day. Hugs, Marie

  2. Looks great! I'm in the mood to organize something. There are several areas of my house that need it. Might have to pick one and go for it today!

  3. So sorry you have a sick one. I hope he soon feels 100% and is back to his super fun and smiling self! Love your new storage unit and your chicken block is super cute.


  4. The little ones here have all have that virus too. I hope he feels better soon. Love your sorter! That is perfect for the sewing room. Those chickens are pretty stinkin' cute too.

  5. What a great storage unit, also nice to be able to see what is on the shelves . Hope your grandson feels betetr soon , no fun when they are sick .

  6. Love your shelves! You MUST get a label maker. I use mine all the time. It's just a cheap one ($17 Brother) from Walmart and the refills were 2 for the price of one on line. I label all boxes and totes even if they are clear plastic as well as the small drawer set on my desk and sewing area.

    I hate when the littles get sick. It's certainly going around right now. He'll be hopping around before you know it.
    xx, Carol

  7. Nice storage cubbies! And lots of them! What could be better. I am always more inclined to use something I can see and forget all about what is hidden. The chicken block is so cute.

  8. Sorry to hear that your little one is not well. Hope he feels better soon. Great little organizer and a lovely chicken block.

  9. Hi Barb,wow your new shelves look amazing and so glad it made you do the happy dance.
    Hope your GS is feeling better soon and love the chicken,hope you have a lovely day Barb xx

  10. That is a great storage space. Looks like everything at your fingertips.

  11. Great storage space Barb. I hope your little one gets better soon. My little one is being born today. I'm loving that chicken, I need some serious sewing time Barb.

  12. I love that storage space. I am sure I could fill it up in nothing flat! If you find some cheap but pretty contact paper at the dollar store, you can cover those cardboard boxes. Much cheaper than cute baskets.

  13. What a great storage unit! And I'm sorry about your grandson. I hope he recovers quickly.

  14. What a great piece of furniture for your sewing room! Great looking chicken too!

  15. I think that was used for sorting mail. My dad used to be a mail man. It feels good to organize every once in a while, doesn't it? I have limits though! ;)


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