Friday, November 3, 2017


          This morning while the little one was sleeping I cut out all of the shapes for these penguins.
                                  Then while he is napping, I put them together on a pressing sheet.
I do like my pressing sheet and have found that Heat N Bond works better than Steam a Seam when using the pressing sheet.  You might feel differently.

Here they are all ready to stitch up.

I just love making these towels (go figure).  I showed you my stash of towels at one time.  Now I have a hankering to make some...a bunch....  ok.... a lot more than a bunch..

On my blog post yesterday I was asked:

Did you use a stabilizer on the back when you blanket stitched? Appears your towels were made from different fabrics. Very cute by the way. Love me some batiks!

No, I do not use stabilizer and here are some towels I have had for years....I mean like five or more years and they have been washed a zillion times (okay so I am exaggerating but you get my drift).

                            Never found a need to use stabilizer except with machine embroidery.

This pink one was made without any kind of fusible, just glue.

I use any type of towel available and that is on sale.  Yesterday I did have one that was more nylon than anything else and I didn't like it but was there, was the color I wanted so I went with it.

Happy Toweling!!!


  1. Love the penguins. I now use Heat n bond. It's less expensive & easier to find.

  2. Lovely penguins. I didn't realize you only used the adhesive backing when doing machine embroidery (vs machine applique'). I'll have to give it a try.


  3. Your penguins are adorable. I love my pressing sheet. I like that I can use pieces of fusible and not worry about things getting all stuck where they shouldn't. I prefer heat-n-bond for most applique. I think the fusible gives the piece some structure so there is no need for stabilizer. Towel material isn't stretchy like a t-shirt so I wouldn't use stabilizer either.

  4. Hi Barb oh wow your penguins are so cute,you make the cutest projects my friend xx

  5. Love your penquins. I use Heat and Bond. I can get it at Walmart.

  6. Such cute penguins! You made good use of your grandma time!

  7. I love Heat and Bond the other gunks my needle. Love your towels too as that is one of my favorite things to do. Have a grand day. Hugs, Marie

  8. Quite cute! I love penguins! I use Wonder Under and have no issues with it.

  9. Love your penguins. I don't fuse so I can't comment of what I usse. And I wish I could master that machine sewing you do around your figures. These are so cute!


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