Friday, October 6, 2017


What a way to say fall with a table runner!

61" x 12"

This month's challenge for the Island Batik ambassadors is Creative Borders and Bindings.

Creative Borders and Binding Graphic

I have to say this was a fun fun challenge.... in fact, you might see more of me this month??  Just depends on life and it happenings.


I have been wanting to make a fall runner.

Island Batik sent me these yummy Bonus Fabrics.....couldn't keep my eyes off them or hands.....and now....I get to use them.

Got out my trust Accuquilt Go cutter and my fall medley die.

I wanted my leaf to be larger than the one on the die so I cut a leaf out with paper and then took it to my computer and enlarged it 125%.

As you see I had a little trouble getting the leaf centered but there is more than one way to skin a cat....cut and tape...

I cut seven 7" squares of Heat N Bond.

Using the Ricky Tims method I just drew on one piece and then stapled the rest together.


                                                                Cut out

Don't make fun of my staple puller...been in the family a long time.

I cut out seven 9" squares and used the same seven fabrics for the leaves.

I sewed the seven squares together and then put the leaves on to see where I wanted them.

I did not blanket stitch them until the end.

I added a 1 - 1/2" border.

Then I sandwiched my quilt.

Quilted in the ditch and then blanket stitched around the leaves.

This is where the creative border or binding comes can consider it an extra border or part of the binding.....I just like the little flap.....

Next I cut four 1 - 1/4" strips from selvage to selvage,  for the sides I sewed 2 strips and then just one strip cut in half for the ends.  I folded them in half and sewn them on as you see was as close to the edge of the project as possible.  See how it flaps....

Next was the binding.

                                              I just have to say I loooooooooooooooooove it!!!

                    I prefer my runners for my dining room table to be thin, I don't like them wide.

                                         Thinking of making a matching quilt.....


                                                        .want to....

                                                   we will see.....


  1. looks great, can't see close ups of the binding which is the theme, right? love the runner though :)

  2. Beautiful tabe runner! I need one. ;)

  3. What a lovely Fall table runner. Love your design, fabrics & tips. I wasn't aware of the technique of using a stapler. Cool. I'll definitely use this.


  4. Adding the "flaps" in the binding really is a nice touch. I love the leaf runner.

  5. Great tute. Love the table runner. Like your idea for the leaves!

  6. Such a beautiful table runner! I really need to make one for my octagon shaped table that was my grandmothers. I love fall, but have no fall table runners.

  7. That is gorgeous! Love it! Thanks for the tips on the applique!


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