Monday, October 2, 2017


Not a very good picture but once it had a binding and I hide all of the stings I will definitely show this one.

These is so much I want to say about this quilt.  My friend Sue (was the mother of my best friend in school).  She has passed away with cancer about 20 years ago.  A few years after that my friend gave me some unfinished projects of her mother's and this is one of them.  I started working on it and boy I wish I had waited,

Things I should have known but didn't (new quilter)
1.  To square off each block when complete.
2.  That a 1/4" inch foot was available and that 1/4" was the seam I should have taken...
3.  When your squares meet, too keep it from being bulky press one seam one way and the other seam the other way.  This also helps in getting your seams to match up nicely.
4.  and this is very can not always ease the fabric in while machine quilting.......

I am sure there are more but that is all I can think of right now.


The winner of my giveaway is Betsy, a big thank you to all of you who commented on my post and to Island Batik for a wonderful blog hop.


  1. Those are great tips Barb especially the one about easing in the fabric while quilting. I'm guilty

  2. Congrats to Betsy.
    And all of that is good advice!

  3. Those are all good things new quilters need to know! I am sorry your special quilt is giving you so much trouble.

  4. Gosh...there was so much to learn....and still I quilt. Guess that is why there are so many classes, videos and books on the subject. Also lots of trials and errors. lol

    Congratulations, Betsy.

  5. Ha, I've learned these as well. It always amazes me how much I have learned over the years of quilting. Keeps the brain fresh I think!:) I have been catching up on my blog reading and I absolutely love the quilt you made in Samoa, it is so lovely and speaks loudly to my love of color! You did a great job on it.

  6. Looks great. Even thought it was a learning project.


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