Monday, September 18, 2017


This is actually not a very good picture of this quilt against the pink walls.

For the life of me I couldn't think of the technique for this quilt....a senior moment I guess.  I had to ask a friend, Gene, what they were and when he told me I had to slap my silly of me.

                                                                   here are some close ups...

I just love this quilt.

It was given to me by a sweet friend in Lampasas (passed away about two years ago).  I told her to give it to her daughters but she said they would not appreciate it like I would.

It hung in my house in Lampasas and has since been folded in my closet and each time I saw it I would day I am going to hang you back up.

Today was the day!!!!  In my pink  I have five sons and have never had a girly I do and when they visit...I hear no complaints.


  1. Lucky you! Isn't it fun to look at the old fabrics?

  2. How lovely. I can't imagine making a quilt like thus. What a treasure!

  3. Your antique yoyo quilt looks wonderful on your pink walls , they represent a lot of hand work , very pretty .

  4. Vintage quilts are so nice to have around. I know how much work and time go into one of those quilts. I finally gave up on my yo-yo quilt.

  5. I love the old yo yo quilts. We must be on the same path as my last post was also of a yo yo quilt. Senior moments are allowed!!

  6. How smart of your friend to know who would love her quilt.

  7. good for you with your pink room. it looks wonderful in there. what a treasure you have.

  8. Wow That's a lot of work. I'm back


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