Thursday, May 25, 2017


A while back of few of us Island Batik Ambassadors were asked to make some funky friends with the Spring/Summer Collection for the St. Louis, Mo, Quilt Market.

Now I must confess, I nabbed these off of facebook because for the life of me I can not find my pictures of the ones I made.

So here goes.

Here are some funky gecko's chilling at the Island Batik Booth. 

My sweet lion

                                                         My hippo is on the right....

                                                Don't you just love these awesome fabrics?

Can't seem to find the elephant I did....I am sure he is in there hiding somewhere.

Now these Funky Friends are not for the faint of heart, she might have some beginner patterns.

She has some amazing patterns as well as a few free ones.  She provides tutorials for those of us that need a little extra help.  I find that my biggest problem were that my fingers were not small enough.

This month I have been working on some more funky friends for Fall market.  I seek perfection but rarely obtain I keep trying.


  1. I need more funky friends in my life. Super cute. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


  2. especially love the geckos........

  3. I think you did a great job. There is no "perfection" in the eyes of a maker - but there is "finished" - and isn't that better?

  4. Super cute. didn't know you made that many...and a friend for my hippo!- I guess elephant too...

  5. These are too cute and the fabric makes them cuter!
    xx, Carol

  6. So cute! I love those stuffed geckos! :0)


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